2016 Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship Programme for Emerging African Leaders (Fully Funded)

Nomination Deadline: December 15th 2015
  • Nominators are required to complete the Nomination Form for a proposed candidate and return it to the email addresses advised as soon as possible, with a deadline for receipt of nominations of 15th December, 2015
  • The nominated candidates will be sent an Application Form to complete and return by email before the closing date for applications of 15th January, 2016.
The goal of the African Leadership Institute (AFLI) is to nurture and enhance leadership capability across Africa, with particular focus on Africa’s most promising young leaders. AfLI’s aim is to create a network of high potential young Africans who have attended AfLI’s programmes, and who are expected to rise to top leadership positions in their sphere of activity over the next 5-20 years.
AfLI will provide leadership learning activities that enhance their experiences, insights, tools and confidence, and provide a support network that will better enable them to become drivers of the transformation of Africa.
indicated by the demanding selection criteria below, specifically targeting the next generation of Africa’s leaders in all sectors of society, between the ages of 25 and 39. The ATLP is a multi-faceted leadership learning experience, whose focus is “African leadership
in a Global context”. It is a 5 month part-time programme run in partnership with Oxford University and African institutions.
The world class faculty and guest speakers are drawn from both Africa and outside, and the programme incorporates modules in Africa and at Oxford, reflecting the African/Global duality of the leadership that will be required of future African leaders.
Over the ten years since its inception the ATLP has established itself as arguably the
foremost leadership programme designed specifically for high potential African leaders in the 25-40 age range.
The ATLP has been designed specifically for Africans in consultation with Oxford and our
African faculty and advisors, and incorporates a combination of theory, sharing the experiences of successful leaders, experiential learning, varied practical applications and assignments, conducted in an Oxford style tutorial environment.
At the end of the programme, successful participants will graduate as Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellows and will be admitted into the AFLI network where Fellows can interact, engage in dialogue on leadership and strategic issues, and organise meetings and civic
engagements. With the help of our sponsoring corporations, the network is planned to become a platform to challenge, encourage, and support Fellows to become active leaders in society.
  • targeting the next generation of Africa’s leaders in all sectors of society, between the ages of 25 and 39.
  • Candidates must be citizens of an African country, and must be currently living in Africa, or temporarily placed abroad by their employer or completing further education abroad, or working on African projects for a global organisation.
  • They should be committed to living in Africa and to actively contributing to its long term success
Nomination and Selection of Candidates
  • Candidates for the Fellowship must be nominated by someone senior in their community or their organization, who is required to motivate their nomination of the candidate on the official Nomination Form.
  • It should be noted there is intense competition for the Fellowship from amongst the most impressive young leaders on the continent. In 2015 there were 230 nominations for the 18 Fellowships on offer
  • The ATLP is designed to be a prestigious and highly selective programme. The Fellowships will be limited to a maximum of twenty selected participants who will be chosen by a 7 person selection panel from the set of nominated individuals from across Africa.
  • The selected candidates will attend workshops in South Africa and Oxford, and must commit to being available for both.
  • They should also be prepared to commit time out of normal work hours to tasks required to be completed between the two workshops.
  • The selected candidates will be joined on the programme by candidates nominated by the sponsors.
Selection Criteria
  • Preferred candidates are people, who, by their actions and achievements, and the values and principles by which they conduct their affairs, have demonstrated their potential to be a leader.
  • AFLI is seeking the cream of Africa’s emerging leaders– people who are expected to be the top level leaders in their sphere of activity in the next 5 to 10 years if they are not already in that position.
  • They will be between 25 and 39 years of age (under 40 on 30 April 2016).
  • Candidates can come from any sector of society–business, government or civil society. Candidates nominated and selected for the programme must demonstrate many of the following characteristics:
  1. Ability to Inspire others to believe in themselves and the cause; to Liberate and Empower others to succeed
  2. Committed to Serving his/her constituency (stakeholders/cause) and community ahead of self-gratification
  3. Confident, Optimistic, with high Expectations and high Energy
  4. Courage to take Risks–be prepared to fail; challenge the status quo; do things which may be unpopular
  5. Determination and strong professional will
  6. High Values, Standards and Ethics
  7. Humility– chosen to lead rather than self imposed leader
  8. Visionary, Strategic and Forward thinking–leading for a better future
  9. Systemic thinker–ability to assimilate, simplify and channel complex inter-connected forces to advantage
  10. Empathy and strong Relationship builder
  • The ATLP involves two 9 day workshops, the first in South Africa on April 23rd to May 1st 2016, while the second will be held at Oxford University and in London at the beginning of September. Tasks are also assigned to be completed between the two workshops–with proper planning these can easily be accomplished outside normal work hours.
  • The candidate’s costs on the programme–accommodation, tuition, subsistence, etc.- will be covered by the Fellowship.

Nomination Procedure:

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2016 Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship Programme 

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