African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) 2016 for Young African Professionals (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline:25th September 2015


The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC), established in 2010, is a continental development program that promotes volunteering among young professionals in all Member States of the African Union.

The program aims to deepen the status of young people in Africa as key actors in Africa’s development targets and goals, enhancing their participation in policy development as well as design and implementation of relevant interventions towards the AU Vision of ‘the Africa we want’.

It brings people together to share skills, knowledge, creativity and learning to build a more integrated, prosperous and peaceful Continent driven by its citizens. The volunteering opportunities are intended to build professionalism and a sense of responsibility among the participants, thus enhancing their employability.


Young African Professionals are recruited to serve for a period of 12 months as AU Volunteers in an AU Member States other than their own.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants have to meet the following criteria:

1) Citizen of African Union Member State (All African countries except Morocco) or African Diaspora;

2) Aged between 18 and 33 years;

3) Have at least a post-secondary education certified training and qualifications, from the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree

4) Available to dedicate 12 (twelve) months for volunteer work;

5) Willing to live and work in another AU Member State;

6) Be proficient in at least one official AU language (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese);

7) Have at least one year verifiable experience as a volunteer and or one year of regular work experience Eligible Fields of Qualification For the next intake of AU Youth Volunteers, the following fields of qualification and experience are required:

  •  Accounting > Agricultural > Communication Studies > Computer Science > Conflict studies > Diverse Natural Science Fields > Economics > Education > Environmental Management > Gender Studies > Human Resources Management > Human rights – International Law > International relations > Journalism > Law > Political Science > Space Science > Statistics


  • For the successful candidates, the African Union Commission will cover the full costs of their pre-deployment training, at a venue to be communicated.
  • On deployment, the African Union Youth Volunteers receive the following:
  • 1) Economy return air ticket from home town to place of deployment
  • 2) A modest monthly stipend
  • 3) Health insurance cover
  • 4) Separation allowance on successful completion of twelve months

How to Apply:

Application Process:

Applicants are requested to submit the following

1. Filled out application form

2. Scanned copy of University degree certificate

3. Letter of recommendation from place of volunteer/work experience

4. Scanned copy of identity page on your passport

5. Curriculum Vitae


The listed documents should be sent before 25th September 2015 to : . 

*Late applications and applications that do not contain all requested documents will not be considered.


Recruitment Timeline

1) 30th September: Shortlisting ;

2) 15th October: Successful applicants will be notified ;

3) 7th – 21st November: Successful candidates will undergo pre-deployment training;

4) 2016: Successful applicants will be deployed to relevant organizations.

For more information, 


  • Dr Beatrice Njenga (Head of Youth Division);
  • Mr Daniel Adugna (AU-YVC program manager) at:

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC)


  1. intrested but i’m undergraduate in diploma of International Relation,and i have a Human Resource Managment certificate any ideas !

  2. Thank you. This is awesome but limited to medical students / professionals. How can you help a medical graduate/professional who’s interested in applying?

  3. I have just completed my undergraduate course in Business Information Technology, and currently in internship, till end of October, 2015, awaiting graduation in December, 2015, and very much interested to be a volunteer. Will I be considered by the fact that I will not have received my degree certificate, during this period of application. Thank you for your responses.

  4. Comment:am very much intrested, am self employed,a graduate of Ed Biology ,hair stylist, runs a small scale boutque. Will really like to be a part of this great vision.sir I pray my request will be giving consideration. Thanks

  5. This a great opportunity, I’m interested and wish to join
    I love to volunteer especially if it AU staffs!!
    I did geography and environmental studies at university of Dar es salaam, my degree certificate is available in November, please advise me , and I’m not from the same country, I’m from Rwanda and I didn’t see it on the list.

  6. Hello Sir/Madam,
    Please I have been looking for these kinds of opportunities to pass through my aspirations as a young Pan African ever since i was 12 years old but was in my village without internet. Today I’m 38 years old but having to realize that this opportunity is presenting itself now to me.
    I still want to apply though it has been stipulated that you need youths of 33 years old. May I send my application?
    I believe in the aspirtions I want to bring to the AU lamplight and it is only through this furum that I can do this. Please I wish to plead hat you consider my age.
    Thanks very much and I shall be waitng for your response soonest.
    Best Regards to the AU Family of selection team
    Nurse/ Graphic Designer

  7. Comment: Please Sir, I am an N.C.E. holder and I studied English Language and Social Studies.
    Can this take me to this life changing trip?

  8. Hi,I graduated in December 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration(marketing).I won’t have my certificate until December this year,right now I have just an attestation from my university,can I apply with it?Thanks in advance for your response.

  9. Hi,I graduated in December 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.I won’t have my certificate till December this year,however I have an attestation from my university,can I use this to apply?thanks in advance for a response.

  10. This is a wonderful idea, I have a first degree in Biochemistry and now an entrepreneur who is one of the Key distributors for a food processing industry in Ghana. I will be very glad to volunteer as a young professional for the well being of the African continent and the world at large.

  11. what an opportunity! I am a youth aged 30 working as a social case worker in the umbrella body of disabled peoples organizations called the Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi [FEDOMA] I do have a Diploma in Rural and Community Development and has a vast experience in human rights and disability rights.
    I am also president for youth with disabilities in Malawi who has formed a network called Fedoma Youth Network
    I am a person with Epilepsy championing advocacy for persons with Epilepsy with my position in the Malawi Epilepsy Association as a General Secretary.

    Am I qualified to apply?

  12. I’m interest to that volunteer. I graduate Bachelor degree of Computer Engineering, please advice me. I do not have volunter expereince. please help

  13. please where do I find the list of available posts or positions to apply for? And I have a masters degree in view to be completed latest January. Am I still eligible to apply? Counting on ur swift response..! Many thanks

  14. Who are u throwing these questions at? Why not make research on your own.. by the way for undergraduates, don’t bother applying if ur certificate isnt ready. For the married person, ofcourse you will be considered. Its just your choice whether or not to apply. One last thing, download nd open the form on your Ms Word enabled PC. So simple.. we should learn to be more independent and not expect to be spoon fed all the time.


  15. i’m interested in volunteering my self but i don’t have an international passport, is there an alternative, probably like scanning my drivers licence?

  16. please, kindly put me through, I was able to open the application form, and after the download it is showing that it is read only, how am I to fill the form? There is also no “submit” on the said page. thank you!

  17. Am interested and I completed my Bsc in December 2014 But am only able to collect my attestation because the certificates are not yet ready for our class…. will that be considered

  18. I am very much interested in the program but i have been unable to process my passport by 25th September.
    what else can i use as my identification as requested document four (scanned copy of the identity page on your passport).
    Thank you and i hope to get a response from you soon

  19. Thank you for this big opportunity however, am a diploma holder and in the organisation that am volunteering with, i have had such a volunteering opportunity for ten month in Zambia under The Youth Sports Exchange program last year and i feel the experience i have got from this exchange program can enable me to explore my talent more in another country other than Zambia.I need advise.

  20. I am very interested in this kind of opportunity I did my nysc with Ecowas parliament I have my the requiment I hope AU will consider my application…
    Thank you
    Yusuf bulama Mohammed

  21. I have completed my degree and will graduate November 2015,that is when l ll get my certificate,can l use my academic transcript and still be eligible?

  22. This really is a great opportunity. My concern is that after the completion of this scheme, is there a guaranteed job opportunity awaiting the participants?

  23. Hello,i receive the website from a friend,i am a disable can it be possible for me to apply,i have work like a volunteer in my country but i am not a degree older his this year that i am going to the university,please can i applied

  24. if you had suspended your studies at the university but had more than two years of experience in volunteer and working with development projects,could you apply?

  25. Thank you so much my brother this is a good opportuniy for us africans. I am Zimbabwean WHO studied Industrial Engineering in Cuba. I speak English, Spanish and French. I have a passion for voluntary work as lived in a communist country where everything was basically voluntary. Now due to late correspondence I hope u accept my application.

  26. Dear Sir
    I sent my application on September 25, 2015 at the hour of 11:55 pm with all my information including my degree I received a message inbox telling my that application is now close . Will I be part of the application . My organization action/2015 we was hosting the Global Day of Action September 24, 2015 in Monrovia, we was at the Capitol Building in Monrovia presenting the Liberia Climate Change Petition. Please advice me on my application

  27. Comment: Good day, I read all the content and l see it as opportunity yo human development both in Africa be the world but to my own opinion,the age limit should be remove because the best hands might fall to the category of over the age.? I will appreciate response from you. thank you.

  28. I have missed the deadline for the great opportunity for this year. can you please tell me when to expect the next adventure?

  29. I haven’t seen any msg yet and today is 15th….please has anybody seen anything? Lets know to make us less dahunsi, pls reply.thanks

    • I think nobody has been communicated to yet, except for the emails that we got acknowledging receipt of our applications; if at all everyone who applied got that communication/feedback. But you’re right, at least if some people have received any communication, there’s no harm sharing with he group; in my opinion of course. As you rightly put it, it will save us the anxiety of waiting and hoping for the unknown.

  30. Why is Mr Ianredahunsi not adressing us for crying out loud? Am I missing something here? You guys are just quite, you have been notified right? Please talk to me!!!

  31. Is there anyone who got a response.
    Silence I believe noone has been acknoledged yet.
    Please do notify us so that we know our status.

  32. @Hodan, what mode of notification did they use to tell you that you were among the shortlisted people. Was it through phone call or email?

  33. Should we assume that all of us who applied and are here, it’s only one person who has made it? Or perhaps shortlisting hasn’t finished yet? In my opinion, I feel like we needed such information as how many people are needed, when will shortlisting end and the like. Or better yet, everyone who applied should have at least been notified of their status, regardless of whether they made it or not.

  34. I guess by now all who have been successful have been notified. Well I wish you all the best and God bless you. There is no hope anymore for me.

  35. Comment: Everyone that applied needs to get a feedback either positive or negative not just the selected ones should be contacted .

  36. I am N. MacPherson David, a Liberian and have a share interested in becoming a volunteer, especially under the African Union platform. Being an African, I wish to pay my fair share of contribution to African development, particularly through initiative of this nature – volunteerism. I will be turning 34 this September, but has a Master Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering with several years of working experience. My experiences ranged from the conduct of an on the spot data collection and analysis, research and development, environmental and social impact assessment, to and including developing environmental management plan, and lecturing General Ecology at the University of Liberia. Despite studying environmental science, I have long years of experience in research and planning. I have worked as a research and planning officer at a couple of institutions including the National Commission on Higher Education, R L, The Liberian Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Capacity Building Project, LIMPAC – Liberia, Key Laboratory of Integrated Resource Development on Shallow Lakes, China. As such, I write to find out when will the next intake of volunteers be so that I can do my application before age catch-up with me, as my education and experiences had prepared me to meaningfully and significantly contribute to the sustainable growth of our beloved continent, Africa. Thanks

  37. Good day

    I wish to know if the opportunity will be available this year (2016)but for next year as well and when can I expect notification?
    I am interested.

  38. I have a bachelor’s degree in geography i don’t have passport and not experience in volontariat. Can i participate?

  39. It a really pleasure and good opportunity for youth to let them develop their skill by participating… I’m interested in higher level, have degree in information and technology where by the graduation even will be in december of this year (2016), so we expect to be a part of people who will have this opportunity…thank you so much again to think about youth in our lovely Africa.

  40. I have got my Bachelor of Arts in English Didactics at University of Benin.I am also a volunteer at Copargo Hall Town in Northern Region of Benin.I am very interested in African Union Volunteering.

  41. I have a diploma and certificate in Business Studies and aspiring to lift up my country Cameroon and continent as a whole in the economic sector. I find this as an internsip program to work with other african ideasand creativities . This is actually a rekindle to my anticipations of business. I will like to partake in this event hope I am eligible to apply ?

  42. J’adore et je suis particulièrement intéressé par ce programme de volontariat international dans le zone Union africaine, car pour moi c’est un moyen, d’uniformisation des techniques et stratégie des futurs jeunes leader africain, de partir sur un même lance pour le développement général de l’Afrique. Drissa DIALLO 0022379307382

  43. hi! i am very interested,when is recruitment for 2016? i have obtained a honors degree in HIV/AIDS Management do i have a chance, i am from Namibia.

  44. bonjour je suis intéressé par ce programme de volontariat international dans la zone Union africaine. Biangpambe zoua 0023566386595


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