Apply to Attend: The 2015 Youth Assembly at the United Nations, Headquarters, New York, USA

Application Deadline: January 23rd 2015

  • Program: Winter YA 2015 – 2 Full Days at the United Nations Headquarters, NYC, USA; Resolution Project new Social Venture Awards through Competitions for University-level Delegates, more.
  • Date: February 11 & 12, 2015
  • Platform: Plenary sessions, Workshops, Round table Discussions, Networking, New Social Venture Competitions, MDG Related Skills Building and Campaign Introductions
  • Leadership: Renowned speakers and expert workshop facilitators; U.N. Staff participation at sessions; Young leaders like yourself from around the world; Intergenerational Leadership Exchanges

Register today through January 23, 2015 to secure a spot at the most renowned and largest youth leadership event on the United Nations’ calendar.

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations (YA@UN) is a unique platform created to foster dialogue and generate partnerships between exceptional youth, UN high officials and staff, private sector, and civil society. We are committed to empowering youth to become active participants in the success of the UN Millennium Development Goals and the transition to the Post 2015 Development Agenda.

Undergraduates with an idea for a new social venture that needs funding and support will have the opportunity to participate in the Resolution Social Venture Challenge.

The Resolution Social Venture Challenge allows undergraduate students to build teams and submit their plans for actual social ventures that will make a positive impact today. Resolution will provide a grant of up to $3,000 and dynamic  hands-on mentorship for the winning Resolution Fellows and their ventures. There are currently 60 Resolution Fellows working on all 6 inhabited continents in diverse, high-impact fields such as human rights, energy, environment, education, technology, and community development.

The Winter Youth Assembly will take place on February 11 and 12, 2015, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Participants in the Resolution Social Venture Challenge will be required to participate in the first stage of the competition on Tuesday, February 10


  • Youth Leaders and those who wish to become leaders, ages 16-24+
  • Advanced Youth Leaders and Young Professionals engaged in the United Nations or MDG studies, internship, fellowships or early work stages, ages 18-28+
  • Applicants under 16 years old are NOT eligible and will not be accepted.

Why attend?

  • To learn about the United Nations and how you can become involved in the success of the 8 UN MDGs
  • To hear great speakers and workshop leaders
  • To voice your opinions on the urgent issues of today and help make a permanent impact throughout the world
  • To meet other dedicated young people from all over the world

YA Accommodation Packages & Opportunities

Fully participate in all Youth Assembly Activities in & around the United Nations

Exchange, Experience, and Network with International Assembly Delegates!

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation together with its  partners are pleased to offer comprehensive accommodations and meals event packages, exclusive to Youth Assembly delegates – for delegates from out of town as well as for those locals who want to get the very most out of the activities.

From breakfast networking sessions to new, late night events, these plans will ensure that you don’t miss a thing!

Plus staying together adds a tremendous benefit to the delegates’ experience at the Assembly because it allows you informal time with fellow delegates, makes exploring the New York City easier and greatly enjoyable outside the planned activities. For your safety and security, as well as to make the entire experience affordable and complete, we strongly encourage this option during your stay.


How To Start Registration:

  • If you DO NOT NEED to apply for a USA Visa to attend the event, CLICK HERE.
  • If you REQUIRE to apply for a USA Visa to attend the event, CLICK HERE.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations


  1. i am a student and i am interested to attend the programm.i am a bangladeshi student and i have many social can i attend this platform./please inform me.

  2. My names are Funsho Olorunfemi, i am a national director of Kejibaus (NGO) in Swaziland, our organisation is a youth base organisation because we believe that youth is an engine room for development in any nation.
    I wish to attend this program to enhance my experince and also wish to join this platform so that all youths in my juridition will benefit from our organisation.

    Funsho Olorunfemi.

  3. i’m ESSENA Amevi,native of TOGO. I had studied accountancy ,know. I’ m in trainning in leadership and business. perticipate in, this Assembly will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about UNITED NATION and how to involved in the success of Africa and make impact over the world. Build partnership with private sectors and investors. hear great speaker and workshop are my will of this assembly.


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