2015 Intel Student Partner Program for University Students in Africa

Application Deadline: midnight on February 1st 2015

Intel Student Partner Program is designed to enable students at leading universities across the country to have the opportunity to work closely with Intel and understand its latest technologies. The program is for students who realize the best technology careers come to those who chase their dreams.

The Intel Student Partner program offers technical training, incredible connections, and extraordinary opportunities. We expose new Intel technologies to our partners around the world. You merit sneak peeks at development tools, and industry-defining software applications. In turn, we ask you to inspire their peers by sharing and promoting these new technologies and benefits on campus

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are:

  1. University Status: Applicant must be enrolled in a full time program at a recognized university in Kenya, South Africa or Nigeria.
  2. Academic Excellence: Applicants must have a Grade Point Average of minimum B (or equivalent) from a recognized university. Proof of Grade Point Average in the form of academic transcripts is required.
  3. Leadership Experience: Applicants must demonstrate that they have previously organized and lead other students in running or implementing a project or event that is of value to the University community.
  4. Familiarity with Intel Products: Applicants must demonstrate that they have working knowledge of Intel product categories, specifically Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers, Intel’s cross-platform tools such as Intel® XDK,
  5. Applicants must also be active members of the Intel Developer Zone, and have an understanding of Android application development. Android application development knowledge will be verified during interview, where candidates will be required to perform a brief technical exercise. Intel Developer Zone membership will be verified by including your IDZ username in the registration process.


Successful Intel Student Partners will receive the following benefits:

a) Profiling within the IDZ Africa Zone as a Student Partner.

b) Opportunity to participate in Intel Events locally and internationally. For any event that requires travel, Intel will cover all associated, reasonable costs (transport, accommodation and board) on behalf of the Student Partner based on actually incurred costs only supported by a valid proof of payment.

c) Intel Student Partners merit sneak peeks at development tools, and industry-defining software applications that are public but may not be readily available in your specific market.

d) Intel Student Partners will have access to mentors within Intel to support them build their global network and career skillset.

e) Monthly Stipend of $50 in equivalent local currency for every month that they are in full time enrolment at the University (excluding holiday months) which will be subject to additional contractual obligations with a local 3rd party agency that will be contracted by Intel Corporation. Additional contracts will need to be signed between the selected partners and the 3rd party agency.

f) Branded Intel Merchandise:  Branded Jacket, Branded T-Shirt, Branded Laptop bag, Branded Laptop Cover., of approximately $200 in value

Delivery of the Prizes to the successful applicants

Branded merchandise will be delivered to successful Student Partners at their respective Universities, during the Induction program. Monthly stipend will be paid by the 3rd party agency directly to the Student Partners bank account on a monthly basis.

Apply Now for the Intel Student Partner Programme

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2015 Intel Student Partner Program


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