2015 Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme for Recent Graduates, Denmark (Full Funded)

Application Deadline: 8 February 2015

What: Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme
Whom: recently graduated with a master’s degree – or are you about to graduate
Where:Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen

Apply for graduate jobs at each of the different programme presentations. Apply now and no later than 8 Feb 2015 – except 1 Feb 2015 for Intl. Opr. Business and Intl. Opr. Finance.

Use your master’s degree and make a difference
Have you recently graduated with a master’s degree – or are you about to graduate – and now want a life-changing career in a world-leading pharmaceutical company? If yes, the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme could be the perfect springboard for your successful global career.

Novo Nordisk offers job opportunities for 42 graduates starting 1 September 2015.

Novo Nordisk is the world’s 9th biggest pharmaceutical company.

The Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme is a 2-year journey that will take you through a minimum of three job rotations, with at least one based in our corporate headquarters in Denmark and another in one of our global affiliates.

During the programme you will gain a deep understanding of the company and our business, participate in global and national projects and build a strong international network of professional and dedicated colleagues.

After successfully completing the programme you will have the necessary professional and personal skills to embark on your global career with a permanent position at Novo Nordisk – perhaps as an executive assistant, internal consultant, specialist or international project manager.


Recruitment Process:

At the Graduate Recruitment Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, candidates will take part in interviews, team and individual exercises and will be given feedback on personality and IQ tests conducted prior to the Graduate Recruitment Centre. The cost of flights and accommodation will be met by Novo Nordisk.

All applicants offered a graduate position following the recruitment event will be informed by telephone and will then receive a contract soon after. Applicants must formally accept their offer within 2 weeks of receiving the contract. Applicants living outside Denmark at the time of recruitment will be offered relocation assistance.

Successful applicants will start the first rotation of their 2-year learning journey in September. During the first 4–5 months of employment all graduates will take part in an extensive training programme which includes business understanding, project management, presentation technique and site visits.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme


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