2015 Peace Direct Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ Awards ($10,000 prize funding for peacebuilding activities)

Application Deadline: September 15th 2015

Are you a peacebuilder? Would international recognition and a $10,000 prize help your organisation make a bigger impact? Apply today for the annual Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders awards.

Peace Direct is launching its third ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ awards to showcase the best locally led peacebuilding organisations across the world. Entrants will need to show how they are making communities more peaceful, or breaking the cycle of violence. And there are special prizes for technology and peacebuilding and photography and peace.

Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders are the global awards for local peacebuilding. Awarded annually, they offer international recognition for grassroots peace activists in conflict-affected countries worldwide. These are inspiring individuals who are building a better tomorrow for their communities, in the world’s most fragile and needy places.

A jury of international peacebuilding experts will select the winning entries.

To be eligible, your work must fit into the categories:

+ Women-led peacebuilding
+ Youth peacebuilding
+ Environmental peacebuilding
+ Inter-religious peacebuilding
+ Arts and peacebuilding

The three winning organisations will receive:

  • $10,000 prize funding for peacebuilding activities.
  • Invitation to attend a winners’ event in London.
  • Promotion of their work online, including on the Insight on Conflict and Peace Direct websites and newsletters.
  • Alongside the main prize and categories, the organisation that best makes use of technology in their work will receive a scholarship to attend the ‘Build Peace 2016’ conference in Zurich, Switzerland, and become a Build Peace Fellow, receiving additional support for their peacebuilding work.
  • In addition to finding the best examples of local peacebuilders, Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders is looking for photos that illustrate the theme of ‘local peacebuilding’. Prizes worth $1,000 are on offer.All applications must be received by 15 September 2015.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Peace Direct Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders’ Awards 



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