Apply Now to Become MUNPlanet City Maverick

Application Deadline: 20 September 2014

MUNPlanet looks for the most inspiring City Mavericks around the globe, those who love and know their cities inside out and want to share their city’s heritage, atmosphere, nightlife and hidden gems with the international audience.

MUNPlanet is a knowledge network where members create, curate and share their knowledge and experiences about issues of global importance. It is for people who are passionate about the world and share the values of the United Nations.

Do you want to publish at MUNPlanet and to expand your expertise globally?

Application criteria for MUNPlanet City Mavericks:

·You should have spent at least two years working internationally in youth activism, entrepreneurship, tourism or related topics.

·Your English is fluent and engages readers. Fluency in other languages is an advantage.

·You have prior experience in blog writing, public relations or marketing communications.

·You must have at least B.A. degree in International Relations, Economics, Sustainable Development, Hospitality Management, International Communications or related fields, and show interest in the United Nations and world politics.

·You are creative, independent, show initiative and require little supervision.


Your responsibilities on MUNPlanet platform:

·You are expected to write and upload 10 texts from October 1, 2014 to March 1, 2015 on MUNPlanet.The texts should be around 500 words long, in the conversation style, showing your competence about the topics you choose. Five texts should be about the World City you decided to bring closer to our users.

·You are expected to dedicate 10 hours per month on writing your content, communicating with senior editor and users who are interested in what you wrote. Producing more quality content is encouraged and you can work from your home.

·You should be able to outline the categories and topics you think are of interest for MUNPlanet, to be developed further.

·You should incorporate and upload photos and videos in your texts.

What will MUNPlanet provide for you?

·Provision of  global exposure for your ideas and projects to our growing readership. Practically speaking, your excellence as a writer may lead to more followers, more influence, better partnerships and greater success for your projects.

·Support your writing process as we review your texts, help you with time management and are open for your ideas.

·Welcome you at the exclusive MUNPlanet conference in Europe during 2015. Stay tuned for more details.

·Facilitate for you the opportunity to organize MUNPlanet events or gatherings in your city.

How to apply?

Send us an email titled MUNPlanet City Mavericks to [email protected].

In the email let us know in up to 500 words why you are the right candidate for the position of MUNPlanet City Mavericks:

1) Tell us about your previous experience in journalism, blogging or publishing (e.g. editing, writing, research, web design, etc.).

2) Attach a writing sample or provide links to your relevant document (a student essay, published article, blog, etc.).

3) Tell us for which city in the world you want to become the MUNPlanet City Maverick.









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