Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute 2018 Fellowships for Journalists

Application Deadline: January 31st 2018

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute invites proposals from people and organizations who wish to partner with us on innovative projects that strengthen democracy through better journalism.

Successful projects often include devising new strategies to take advantage of an opportunity or solve a problem, building new tools for news organizations, transforming an idea into a market-tested prototype or advancing a prototype so it’s ready for investment or a full product launch.

Whatever your idea, its benefits should extend to other news organizations and the people who depend on them. To apply, please clearly describe your experience, relevant connections and expected outcomes during and immediately following your fellowship year.


  • RJI Fellowships are open to U.S. citizens and news organizations as well as international news outlets.
  • RJI also welcome proposals from international journalists who plan to partner with U.S.-based news, technology and civil society organizations.

There are three types of RJI Fellowships: residential, nonresidential and institutional.

  • Residential fellows spend eight months on the University of Missouri campus, receive an $80,000 stipend and a $10,000 one-time housing or relocation allowance.
  • Nonresidential fellows explore their ideas from their home or office, with an occasional visit to campus. They receive a $20,000 stipend, plus research and travel support.
  • Institutional fellows remain at their post in a newsroom or other organization while developing an idea.  The institutional fellowship stipend — $20,000 — is paid to the company or organization and can be used for salary relief or for another purpose to best ensure the success of the fellowship project.

If you have questions or need more information, contact RJI Associate Director Mike McKean at [email protected].

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute 2018 



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