Kenya Red Cross Youth Leaders Exchange Programme 2020 for young Kenyans (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: June 5th 2020

Kenya Red Cross Youth is currently looking to engage volunteer youth leaders who will work with Danish Red Cross Youth (DRCY) volunteers in strengthening young communities in Mukuru Informal Settlement area of Nairobi.

– Are you a young person in Nairobi County? Are you passionate about working for and with fellow youth? and do you want to spend six months in supporting a youth project in Nairobi’s Mukuru informal Settlement?
– Do you want to support the capacity strengthening and building of vulnerable youths?
– Do you have volunteering experience with Kenya Red Cross Society’s branch, regional or national activities that you can bring into play in an international context? Or is volunteering an act near to your heart, and do you have the time, the desire and the courage to live in Nairobi from September 2020 to March 2021?

You will have the opportunity to strengthen your cooperation skills, establish positive and strong relationships with both Kenyan and Danish youth volunteers and gain experience working with KRCS in Nairobi. If you also want experience with a youth-to-youth working approach, where you learn from each other, then this is your unique opportunity to get an experience of a lifetime.

Your field of work:

  • As a volunteer youth leader, you are involved in the implementation of a completely new pilot project in the partnership
    between the Danish Red Cross Youth (DRCY), the Danish Red Cross (DRC) and the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).
  • You will join and contribute to the KRCS youth work in Mukuru, Nairobi area of Kenya, which supports youths involved
    in the Urban Resilience (UR) program.
  • The purpose of the project is to organize strong and resilient youth associations in Kenya’s urban areas/townships with a view to engaging young men in improving their conditions and social environment.
  • You will work on implementing activities for youths in the local youth clubs run by KRCS.
  • The activities draw inspiration from DRCY’s SPRINT and Life Skills exercises.
  • You will also conduct SPRINT and Life Skills workshops for and with other KRCS volunteers, where you will work on exercises related to topics within the Urban Resilience program.
  • The intention is to interlink the young men involved in the UR with youth volunteers in KRCS and to support the capacity building among the youth volunteers so that they themselves can create processes of change as well as positive development in the challenged and vulnerable areas of Nairobi.

Your role as a volunteer youth leader will involve tasks such as:
● Support for KRCS youth volunteers’ involvement in youth activities at local Red Cross youth clubs
• Training of KRCS volunteer peer facilitators in SPRINT and Life Skills
• Support the connection between KRCS volunteers at the headquarters and in Mukuru as part of a team with one other KRCS youth leader and two Danish youth leaders
• Introducing the two Danish youth leaders to volunteering in Kenya and the Kenya Red Cross Youth as an organization during their preparation visit to Kenya.
• Ongoing cooperation with KRCS staff and DRCY’s Youth Partnerships Africa volunteer group in Denmark on project implementation


Are between 23 and 29 years old
• Have knowledge in Red Cross work
• Have experience in creating relationships and a passion for motivating other young people to engage in volunteerism and communities
• Have 2 years minimum volunteering experience (Youth programme experience with the Kenya Red Cross is highly emphasized)
• Have experience with youth-to-youth methods in KRCS (Especially PEER-TO-PEER Education, but also Life Skills)
• Are open, enterprising and good at working and cooperating in teams with other young people
• Are able to create your own everyday life and thrive in a challenging environment
• Have good spoken and written English and Swahili
• A youth leader currently in the Nairobi County Youth Board is highly encouraged to apply.
• A youth volunteer from Mukuru Informal Settlement currently supporting the implementation of the Young Men Resilience Program and Urban Resilience Programme is highly encouraged to apply.

Application Procedure

Before and after your exchange:

– Before you travel to Kenya, you will be well capacity built and strengthened for the task.
– As part of the preparation, you must attend the DUF Youth Leaders Course and the DRCY Preparatory Course prior to your September trip. You need to dedicate approximately 3 weeks to the preparation program (starting on the 24th of August 2020). When you are
back home, you will write a short report – and then we very much hope that you will join the Youth Partnerships Africa
group in the future.
– As a youth leader, you are a full-time volunteer and should expect a 37-hour work week in Kenya.
– You will receive volunteer allowances corresponding to the expenses you incur in connection with your work in accordance with KRVCS
Youth Policy and Volunteer Policy.
– All administrative costs in connection with preparation and execution of the work, including preparation in Denmark, airline tickets, insurance, vaccinations, diet, accommodation will be catered.
Submit your application with your motivation for applying for the position and your resume (CV) no later than 5/6

Kenya Red Cross expect to conduct interviews on 10/6/2020, but remain subject to change, and at the Kenya Red Cross Youth
Development Department.

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to write an email to Alex Ayub via [email protected] Please
note that we only receive applications through [email protected] .

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Kenya Red Cross Youth Leaders Exchange Programme 2020



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