Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leadership Program 2019 for Global Teen Leaders (Fully Funded to Just Peace Summit 2019 in New York, USA)

Application Deadline: Friday, September 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm EST.

Three Dot Dash is looking for 25 — 35 Global Teen Leaders (GTLs) who are doing extraordinary work that helps meet one or more of the basic human needs: food, water, health, shelter, education, safety and the environment — thus, creating a more peaceful society.

Three Dot Dash identifies 25-35 Global Teen Leaders (GTLs) each year and brings them to New York City to attend the Just Peace Summit.  At the Summit, GTLs tool-up and recalibrate through innovative content and action-driven workshops geared to help further amplify their work and impact. From strategic storytelling to conflict resolution skills and beyond, each day builds upon the next to provide a transformative experience like no other.


Potential GTLs must meet ALL of the following qualifications and requirements:

  • Age 13-19 (at time of the Summit, March 8-15, 2019)
  • Project or organization addresses one or more basic human need(s)
  • Founder of your own project or organization
  • Committed to growing your work and impact now and in the future
  • Already achieving tangible results
  • Speak and write English proficiently
  • Able to travel to the United States
  • Participate during the entire Summit (no exceptions)
  • Be nominated by a qualified Nominator (SEE BELOW)

In order to apply, potential GTLs must be nominated by one of the following qualified Nominators:

  • Three Dot Dash Coalition partner
  • GTL Alumni
  • Mentor Alumni
  • A staff member at an educational institution
  • A member of the We Are Family Foundation staff
  • A member of the We Are Family Foundation board
  • A member of the Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit team


The 2019 just peace Summit will take place On…MARCH 8-15, 2019 in New York City

  • All air/train travel, visa fees, hotel, meals and ground travel in NYC will be paid for
    by We Are Family Foundation for selected GTLs.


Each year Three Dot Dash receives hundreds of applications which our internal selection committee reviews during Round 1. Qualifying applicants are then sent onto Round 2 where an external selection committee, consisting of 3 GTL alums, 2 Mentor alums and 1 expert within our global network makes the final 25-35 GTL selections (10 applicants are selected as “Alternates” in the event that any selected GTLs are unable to participate for any reason). All finalists will participate in a series of Skype interviews with the Three Dot Dash Team prior to receiving an acceptance offer.


  • All forms must be submitted by Friday, September 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm EST.
  • An application is complete when both a NOMINATOR FORM and a NOMINEE FORM are completed and submitted by the application deadline. Failure to submit both forms will result in an automatic disqualification – there are no exceptions. Please be sure to review important information regarding the application and selection processes below.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leadership Program 2019



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