Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition for Young Entrepreneurs.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2014

The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an exciting new opportunity to develop your innovative ideas and projects to create positive change in your community and the world.

The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an international contest launched by The Goi Peace FoundationStiftung Entrepreneurship (Berlin) and UNESCO. The competition provides a global platform for young entrepreneurs who aspire to create positive change in their communities.

Who can enter:

You are eligible to enter, if:

  1. You are between the ages of 15 and 30AND
  2. You have an innovative idea for an enterprise which contributes to the sustainable development of your community, in a field such as:
    • the environment
    • education
    • health
    • poverty reduction
    • peace building
    • cultural diversity
    • sustainable energy
    • food security
    • sustainable trade
    • the elderly
    • empowerment of women and youth

    OR, You are operating such an enterprise in the form of a business, a non-profit organization, or an informal program


  3. You are able to submit your entries and make presentations in English.



  • All participants will receive free training at the online Entrepreneurship Campus.
  • This training provides methods and techniques for developing ideas into solid business models, to turn a budding idea into a fully developed concept, or to improve on an existing business model.

For More Information:

 Visit the Official Webpage of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition


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