2013/2014 Shell Nigeria Internship Programme for Post Graduate Students.

Application Deadline: April 25, 2013

Open primarily to talented Nigerian Postgraduate Students in Nigerian Universities but in exceptional cases to Nigerians in Overseas Universities.

The Research Internship programme provides the framework for the direct transfer of practical and current industry experience to Nigerian university research students. With the understanding of their university-appointed supervisors, graduate students (MSc, Ph.D) spend a year in Shell to conduct research on the E&P challenges of the Company.

The research reports produced by the interns at the end of the internship are adapted for presentation to their universities for the award of higher degrees. Shell offers approximately 20 research internship appointments yearly.

Emoluments given to the interns cumulate to N50 million annually. A number of interns have taken up appointment with Shell on completion of their studies.

The Internship/Research Attachment programme which is different from the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme, is aimed at providing opportunities for talented Nigerians to gain work experience and carry out topical research within Shell Exploration & Production Companies in Nigeria (SEPCiN).

Open primarily to talented Nigerian postgraduate students currently in Nigerian Universities, but in exceptional cases, Nigerians studying abroad could be considered.

12 months (non-renewable)
Discipline Areas:

  • Automobile/Electrical/Mechanical/Production Engineering,
  • Surface/Facilities/Engineering,
  • Petroleum Engineering, Production, Well Engineering,
  • Geology/Geophysics, Geomatics (Surveying, Hydrography, Geoinformation management,Geodesy, Metocean),
  • Environment and Sustainable Community Development.
Method of Application:
Applications from candidates should consist of(i) an application letter,

(ii) curriculum vitae including applicant’s contact phone number, email address, as well as contact information of three referees and|

(iii) a 3-paged summary of candidate’s postgraduate research programme including: study background, technical objectives, expected outcomes and methodology/data required.

Selection will be based on postgraduate programmes/proposals that are pertinent to SEPCiN business objectives and only students with the highest potential will pass screening.
Send all documents to the email address: [email protected]

Application Deadline: April 25, 2013


2 responses to “2013/2014 Shell Nigeria Internship Programme for Post Graduate Students.”

  1. Dr. A. D. ibrahim Sulaiman Avatar
    Dr. A. D. ibrahim Sulaiman

    I have sent application for sabbatical attachment today 25th April, 203 but was auto rejected. I believe i am still on time.
    What then, can I do?

  2. Ludan Avatar

    ….i noticed the same!…my emails were auto rejected as well, but then i noticed from some old correspondence with some SHELL personnel (not on this subject), that there is always a dot between their two names on the email add….so i tried [email protected]…..and my sent email was delivered!
    NB….it is not a function of u applying on the last day….on another forum someone noted same problem on the 30th of March.

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