2015 MADE/ICMC PHOTO COMPETITION ( win a ticket to the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Istanbul,Turkey)

Application Deadline: April 30th, 6 pm Brussels time
Submit your photo, and win a ticket to the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Istanbul, 12-14 October 2015

The International Catholic Migration Commission ICMC Europe and the Migration and Development Civil Society network (MADE) are launching a photo competition on the theme “Untold stories: how migrants contribute to human and economic development”.


The objective of the competition is to showcase how migrants contribute to the economic, social and human well-being of their communities and countries of origin, heritage and residence, bringing to light the too often untold and unheard stories of migrants’ contributions to development.

Today, there are more than 232 million migrants in the world. People are moving in search of new opportunities or a better life, to save, support, or improve their wellbeing and that of their families, to escape conflict or to adapt to environmental and economic shocks.

Migrants learn and bring with them new skills and energy, fill in labour market gaps and send more of their earnings back to family members and communities in their countries of origin than the entire budget for official aid worldwide. Yet, around the world, they face widespread abuse, exploitation, lack of opportunities and discrimination. Migrants’ capacity to contribute to development are often directly related to their enjoyment of human rights and opportunities for human development.

Human development expands the traditional definition of economic development and encompasses health, education, a decent standard of living and political rights as a starting point so that individuals and communities may flourish.

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit photographs showcasing both economic and human facets of development and photographs showcasing that link between the two are strongly encouraged.

Who can participate?
  • The competition is open to everyone (individuals and organisations) over the age of 18.
  • There are no geographical restrictions.
  • Participation of migrants themselves is strongly encouraged.
  • The first prize winner will be invited to attend the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Istanbul from 12-15 October 2015, for which travel and accommodation will be covered.
  • The 10 best photographs will displayed at the venue of the European Development Days on 3-4 June 2015 as well as at the Civil Society Days of the GFMD in October 2015.
  • Pictures will also be posted in a photo gallery at www.madenetwork.org and published via MADE social media channels.
Requirements of digital photographs

For them to be printed in the highest quality, photographs should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Please submit your photographs in high-resolution JPEG format.

The photograph must not contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.

Deadline for submissions

Submissions are now accepted for this competition. All photographs must be submitted by April 30th, 6 pm Brussels time (GMT+1).

  • Participants can submit up to three digital black and white or colour photographs.
  • All photographs must be submitted together with the attached application form. All applications must be submitted via email to [email protected] and accompanied by the application form, available to download below in English, French and Spanish below and completed in either of these languages.

For More Information: [email protected]

For More Information:
Visit the Official Webpage of the MADE Network


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