Access Nigeria Investigative Reporting (Research Reporting) Training Program

Application Deadline: October 16th 2015

Training Event: Monday 26th October – Friday 30th October 2015.

The Access Nigeria Investigative Reporting (Research Reporting) Training Program aims to improve media’s capacity to produce investigative journalism reports – with a particular focus on corruption in the security sector – in order to enhance media’s effectiveness as anti-corruption watchdogs.

The program will provide targeted support for journalists to investigate and report in restrictive operating environments, access and analyze hard to find documents, and improve interview techniques to get the cooperation of official and other sources.

Through the Investigative Reporting Innovation Fund, the program will offer pre-publication legal guidance to journalists around legal implications when carrying out investigations. Training provided will include discussions regarding the code of conduct and international standards of journalism ethics specifically regarding the issues of covering corruption around security sector.

Participants Profile:

  • The program welcomes applications from qualified candidates in print, TV, radio, or electronic media.
  • Mid-career journalists who are willing to immerse themselves in an intense, interactive learning environment, can commit to attending the training workshop, and have demonstrated previous experience covering issues of corruption, public finance, justice sector or the security sector.

Workshops will focus on challenges faced on a daily basis in terms of researching, accessing and analyzing information in order to produce investigative reports designed to push boundaries and encourage public awareness around key anti-corruption themes.  

The first workshop is expected to take place over 5 days in Abuja in late October 2015 (October 26 – October 30, 2015).

Workshops will include curricula on the following topics:

  • Principles and best practices of investigative reporting
  • Ethics of Investigative Reporting and media code of conduct
  • Principles and best practice of data visualization   
  • Legal threats awareness raising and strategies for mitigation 
  • Freedom of Information Law

Investigative Reporting Innovation Fund:

  • Journalists who fully attend the training workshop and publish their training experience will be eligible to apply for support from the Access Nigeria’s Investigative Reporting Innovation Fund.
  • The fund will enable journalists to undertake investigative projects. Recipients of support from the Fund will also be assigned a mentor to provide guidance and support throughout the research, writing, and publication phases of the development of investigative reports.
  • More information on how to apply for support from the Investigative Reporting Innovation Fund will be presented at the conclusion of the training program


Friday, October 16, 2015: Deadline for applications to the Investigative Reporting Training Program

October 20, 2015: Selected participants for Training Program notified

October 26 – October 30 2015: Investigative Reporting Training in Abuja

November 9, 2015: Opening of application period for Proposals to Investigative Reporting Innovation Fund

December, 2015: Final application deadline for Proposals to Investigative Reporting Innovation Fund

November- February: Small Grants executed (anticipated)

From November 2015: Reports published (anticipated)

Apply Now to Attend the IWPR Nigeria Journalism Training Program

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IWPR Nigeria Journalism Training Program


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