African Union (AU) Video Documentary Media Awards 2015 for Journalists ($USD 35,000 Cash Prize)

Application Deadline: October 30th 2015

Entries submitted in respect the thematic areas: “Women’s Empowerment and Development Towards Agenda 2063” as well as any major project and programs of the AUC in line with the vision “Agenda 2063, my Agenda”, “The Africa we want.
The programme, titled African Union Video Documentary Media Awards, seeks to work with the media to reach all corners of the African continent with news and views about African development issues. Topics will be based on the current theme of the African
Union Summits of Heads of State and Government.
As such, the awards will directly promote the annual priorities as defined by the supreme decision making organ on the continent i.e. the Assembly of Heads of State and Government. The awards are unique in this respect.
  • The competition shall be open to all audio visual media journalists who are citizens of AU member states and who are based in Africa and whose video documentaries are broadcast in AU member states.
  • Winners shall be selected according to the five regions of the continent i.e. Southern, Central, East, West and North Africa.
  • Each journalist entering the competition shall be required to show proof that he/she is a citizen of an AU member state
  • Each entry shall be accompanied by full names of the producer, the name and contact details of his/her employer, his/ her position in the news organization, a valid media card and the region from where the entry is emanating
  • Written confirmation on official letterhead from the media organisation employing the journalists, confirming his/ her employment in the agency and confirming the dates of publication of all the submitted entries will be required.
  • On receipt, the entries shall be judged by a competent panel of judges established by the Commission.
  • Winners shall be informed of how and when they shall receive their prizes before theend of the year 2015.
  • Equal gender representation shall be enforced
  • Each regional winner shall be presented with a reward of US$7,000 and a certificate.
• The languages to be used shall be those of the African Union i.e. English, French,
Portuguese and Arabic.
(Documentaries with sub titles in another language would be an additional value for consideration)
Technical requirements
• Entrants will provide one video documentary for the competition but must provide at
least 4 other documentaries they have produced on any major AU project or programs.
  • Submission Deadline: October 31st 2015.
• Winners will be informed before the end of November 2015
How to Submit:
  • Interested journalists are invited to compile their entry for the competition as well as the 4 other short video productions on AU programs and projects , and make all the preparations as outlined above, for presentation of their entries starting on the 20th of September 2015.
  • Submissions should be sent electronically to
Mrs. Esther Azaa Tankou,
Head of Information Division, Directorate of Information and Communication
  • with a copy to the Director of Information and Communication Mrs Habiba Mejri Cheikh on [email protected] and to [email protected]. In case of heavy electronic files you can also send on CD or Flash Disc via DHL to the following address:
  • Esther Azaa Tankou
    Head of Information Division Directorate of Information and Communication
    African Union Commission
    P.O Box 3243 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Tel. off. (+251) 11 551 77 00 Ext. 25 67 Mob. (+251) 911 3611 85

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