AfyaBora Fellowship in Global Health Leadership for Africans.

Deadline: December 10 2013

The Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship is currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 fellowship year.The Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship was created to train future leaders in global health.  The focus is on African health professionals, but also includes  U.S. trainees.

The Fellowship has two major components, a set of didactic modules and an assignment at an Attachment Site.  The didactic modules provide trainees with basic knowledge and a variety of practical skills relevant to effective leadership, while the assignment at an Attachment Site provides practical experience in an African health organization and environment.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible to apply all applicants MUST meet the following criteria

  1. Be a citizens of US, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, or Tanzania AND
  2. Meet ONE of the following education requirements
  • Medical applicants need to have a M.D. or MBChB with a MMed, MPH or Masters degree in related field.
  • Nursing applicants need to have a Masters degree in Nursing, Public Health or a related field (PhD preferred).
  • Other Public Health professionals (those without a clinical degree) must have a  PhD in Public Health or a related field.


The one-year training program targets African and U.S. medical post-graduates, post-residency physicians, and graduate nurses with the majority of trainees from Africa.  One important element of the program is the inclusion of both U.S. and African trainees who are both nurses and physicians.

 The annual cohort is  ~ 20 fellows per year (80% from African institutions).

Fellowship structure

The one-year fellowship will impart skills and knowledge in several key areas, including leadership and management; health policy; delivery of preventive and curative health services; research in support of health programs; and education and training.  The curriculum will include three phases:

1st Phase: A didactic core of 12 one-week Modules taught through direct participation and web-based learning methods.

2nd Phase: A 9 month experiential, mentored component at a host organization “Attachment Site.”

3rd Phase: After the one-year Fellowship, the Afya Bora Consortium will provide virtual and in-person opportunities that will enable “graduates” to continue to interact and collaborate with faculty, other graduates, and incoming fellows.

Program Funding:

The Afya Bora Fellowships provides 12 months of stipend support, and travel costs when attending the didactic core.

For More Information:

Contact: Angela Shelton, Program Manager at [email protected].

Visit the Official Webpage of the  AfyaBora Fellowship in Global Health Leadership


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