Airtel Uganda Internship Program 2018 for young Ugandans

Application Deadline: 1st May 2018

The Airtel Uganda Internship Program is an annual opportunity for many young people to work with the telecom giant in select departments.

In June 2010, Airtel Uganda was launched and is today one of Uganda’s most innovative mobile phone operator, which has introduced many “firsts” in the telecommunications sector.

The telecom understands how many youth feel during the initial days in a new organization, and hence they are constantly with you during that crucial time and thereafter for your entire journey with the Airtel Uganda Internship! Interns go through the welcome to airtel orientation programme on their first day of joining and a follow up is made months within joining the Airtel Uganda Internship Program to ensure that you have hit the ground running.

Airtel is a dynamic company that offers excellent career opportunities for talented and motivated individuals. Currently, the departments and careers include but are not limited to;

Customer Service Administration Human Resources
Marketing Networks IT
Legal and Regulatory Finance Mobile Money
Enterprise Sales and Distribution Supply Chain Management


Terms & Conditions

  • Only students who are recommended to undertake internship by their university should apply i.e. students should possess a letter of recommendation from their university.
  • Participants must have a LinkedIn account and follow Airtel Uganda on LinkedIn to qualify.
  • All applications for the Airtel Uganda Internship Program should be submitted online through the Airtel Uganda official website page.
  • Successful applicants’ may be subjected to a secondary interview afterwards the names will be published on the website and social platform

Candidate Application
After reading a job posting, apply for the position that best matches your profile and interest area by emailing your CV, and application to [email protected]
We match your profile with the requirements of our role.
Once a vacancy has closed, applications are short listed which takes a period of about 10 days after the vacancy closing. On completion the successful candidates are contacted informing them of the proposed interview schedule


  • Once you are successful, you are contacted with information on the interview schedule, nature of interview (oral or written) venue, time and all relevant details that will be required at the interview


  • If you are applying for an internship or frontline Sales job in airtel, you are required to undergo an aptitude test.
  • If you are being considered for middle to senior level management role, then you’ll be required to undergo an Oral Interview and an Occupational Personality Questionnaire

In case of final selection, we would be conducting a background verification check on the credentials provided by you.

After The Interview
All candidates will be informed of the outcome of their interview within 48 hours of attending the interview.

Joining & On – Boarding

Airtel understand how you may feel during your initial days in a new organization; and hence we’ll be constantly with you during this crucial time and thereafter for your entire journey with us! Here you will go through the Welcome to airtel orientation programme on the first day of joining and a follow up is made 3 months within y our joining to ensure that you have hit the ground running. However your HR Business Partner and Line Manager are responsible for ensuring a smooth settling in throughout the on boarding program.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Airtel Uganda Internship Program 2018


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