Alex Ekwueme Dual Career PhD Scholarship Programme 2016 for Nigerians at the United Nations University.

Application Deadline: 15 October 2015

  • Are you a Nigerian national, younger than 40 and interested in Governance research?
  • Apply for the Ekwueme scholarship offered within the Dual Career PhD programme in
    Governance and Policy Analysis (GPAC2).
  • The scholarship will start in March 2016 and will be offered every other year.
  • Do you want to combine a PhD degree with your full-time job?
  • The GPAC2 programme offers courses, seminars and workshops in the stimulating research community of UNU-MERIT and its School of Governance.

Starting March 2016, the GPAC2 programme (Dual Career PhD Programme in Governance & Policy Analysis) offers the option to apply for the Ekwueme fellowship. The fellowship is called after Nigeria’s first vice president and the founder of the political party PDP. He risked his life to stand up to the military dictatorship in Nigeria thus ending the country’s military rule and commencing our present democratic government which started in 1999.


  1. Fellows must be Nigerian nationality.
  2. Fellows must be working on Governance research.
  3. Fellow is younger than 40 when applying
  4. The fellowship recipient will complete the application form – and fulfill all programme application requirements, before 15 October 2015.
  5. The fellowship recipient applies for the fellowship, starting the GPAC2 programme on 1 March 2016.
  6. The fellowship recipient receives a fellowship including a coverage of the tuition fees for enrollment in the years 2, 3 and 4. (6.000 euro each, in total 18.000 euro)
  7. The fellowship recipient will pay him/herself the tuition for year one (8.000 euro), as well as tuition for all years that he/she will remain enrolled after year four.
  8. The fellowship recipient will pay his/her own travel expenses , visa/permit expenses, accommodation expenses in Maastricht, fieldwork expenses, books and other expenses.

Application requirements
Please use the online application form, to apply for the programme.  When filling in the form you will be asked to provide the documents listed below. Please note that all documents need to be provided digitally; official documents need to be scanned:

  • certified copies of bachelor’s and master’s diplomas and grades
  • proof of proficiency in English –  the minimum level accepted is 600 PBT, 100 ICT or 240 CBT (TOEFL) or 7.0 (IELTS). Native speakers and students who have received their bachelor’s or master’s education in English are exempted
  • motivation letter (400- 500 words)
  • two signed reference letters on original letter head (by current or former professors or employers)
  • letter from current employer, including a statement of support of the GPAC² fellow and an indication of ways to support the fellow (for GPAC² applicants only)
  • one–page PhD research proposal
  • curriculum vitae
  • copy of passport
  • passport size picture

For More Information:

Visit the Official webpage of the Alex Ekwueme Fellowship GPAC² PhD Programme 


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