Applying to Be a Mandela Washington Fellow : Building Your Resume.

A successful candidate for the Mandela Washington Fellowship demonstrates an ability to get things done. Take a marketing approach to your resume that will command the ultimate amount of attention. Think about how you want the person who reads your resume to think of you.

In preparing your resume, remember three important tips:

  1. Keep your answers brief.
  2. Write in the third person (do not use the pronoun “I”).
  3. Proofread your resume for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare the information you will need for the required format of the Mandela Washington Fellowship resume:

  • Professional Experience: What professional experiences have you had? Make a list of paid or volunteer positions and summarize your work in these positions to give an instant picture of the breadth of your work or volunteer background.
  • Education: Have you received any type of formal education beyond secondary school? If so, make a list of the education and training you received from established universities, colleges or trade schools. Include the dates you attended these schools, what you studied, and what degrees or certificates you earned.
  • Professional Training: Did you receive professional training outside of an established educational institution? Name up to five relevant professional certifications and/or training courses you completed, including the type of training or the name of the certification and the city and country where the training occurred.
  • Community and Volunteer Work: In addition to your professional experience, do you perform unpaid work in your community? Make a list of your volunteer activities with local charities or NGOs and summarize your work with these organizations.
  • Honors and Awards: Have you been recognized for your efforts in something that you have done? List what honors or awards you have received, from which organizations, and for what type of work.
  • Professional Skills: Think about the skills you have acquired over time. What languages do you speak? Are you proficient in computer and software skills?

SOurce: YALI Network


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