Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute (ASRI) Future Leaders Program 2023 for young South Africans (Monthly Stipend R3 500)


Application Deadline: November 6, 2022

Applications now open for the 2023 Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute (ASRI) Future Leaders Program.

The ASRI Future Leaders Program, is an intensive, full-time, graduate training programme, that develops young university graduates for careers in the Civil Society and Government sectors, and therefore recruits individuals who are socially and politically active in their communities. The program seeks to recruit young people who aspire, in different spheres, to create change in South Africa. In developing these young people, we enhance their social and human capital in a way that not only accelerates their personal growth but which also translates into increased opportunities in the future. 

This is the fifth iteration of the programme, with the inaugural programme being held in 2016. Graduates of the 2023 ASRI Future Leaders Fellowship Program, like those who were selected for previous programmes, will go on to become influential and prominent leaders in government and civil society, occupying a variety of positions in non-profit organisations; interest groups; policy institutes; media organisations; the public service and so forth. 

The Program Structure is as follows:

  • The fellowship program is 4-months and fellows are required to be in attendance Monday to Thursday from 9am – 3:45pm, at our offices in Parktown, Johannesburg, from the beginning of February to the end of May.
  • Upon completion of the 4-month program, there is an optional 3-month work experience placement (externship) at an organisation in-line with your aspirations and interests, with a further option of a 3 month externship extension for exceptional individuals.
  • Core Tenets: The mission of the program is the building of a social justice mind-set, with a particular focus on bettering the socio-economic conditions of people in South Africa. Emphasis is also placed on integrity, respect and tolerance. 

Eligibility Requirements

Community & leadership experience: Individuals should be active in their community, have some form of leadership experience and show potential for being a change agent in South Africa in the future.

Academic: Students must have at least an undergraduate degree or diploma (or equivalent qualifications), with additional qualifications being an advantage

Attendance requirement: To be eligible for the program, you must be able to be in attendance (at our premises) from Monday-Thursday from 9am-3:45pm, from February-July

Age limit: 30

Citizenship: South African citizenship or permission to reside in South Africa (with the long term view of staying in the country)

Location: 14 Barkly Road, Johannesburg, Gauteng 

Alumni requirements: Upon completion of the program, participants are expected to remain active within the Alumni Network of ASRI. ASRI will provide mentorship and support to our fellows throughout their careers.


  • The investment made during the program is approximately R90 000 per graduate (for the full programme including the externship) – which includes the cost of materials, stipends, program and operational costs. 
  • The program will accept 30 individuals for 2023, and each person will receive a monthly stipend of R3 500 + a data simcard with approximately 20GB to 30GB of data per month while on the programme. There is no financial cost to the participants for being on the program. This is not a job or employment. Being a training programme, the stipend is a monthly allowance meant to cover the costs of travel to and from the training venue and monthly subsistence.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ASRI Future Leaders Program 2023


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