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British American Tobacco (BAT) Technical Trainee Recruitment 2018 for young Nigerians

Application Deadline: March 7th 2018

British American Tobacco has an exciting opportunity for 17 Technical Trainees(s) to join our team in Ibadan, in the Production department.

The job purpose is to provide technical support to the Secondary to achieve production targets by ensuring continuous and cost effective operation of machinery through:

–          Minimization of unplanned machine related down time
–          Minimization of raw materials, finished and semi finished product waste
–          Optimization of spare parts and consumables usage
–          Implementation and execution of preventative and curative maintenance plan

Main responsibilites :

• Minimising risk by ensuring compliance with BAT, EH&S and local standards
* Ensuring that planed volumes and mixes for the shift are  achieved
* Carrying out repairs, settings and adjustments in order to ensure high quality product and optimum machine performance.
* Monitoring and reviewing of machinery performance for safety, out put, down time, quality and waste in order to draw and execute action plans for the correction of deviations.
* Optimise machine performance by proactively executing daily and weekly maintenance according to BAT prescribed policies and procedures.
* Reducing cost by optimizing the usage of machine consumables and spare parts.
* Ensuring that production administration and quality procedures are continuously followed
* Relief Operators and other PTs(APTs) whenever necessary .
* Execution of brand/size/format changeover in the most efficient manner.
* Execute stock taking as prescribed to ensure accurate figures for production planning.
* Execute materials tests in order to ensure that standards will be met in future.

Essential requirements

• Basic technical knowledge
* Technical diploma
* Intermediate level of English
* Availability to work in shifts

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the British American Tobacco (BAT) Technical Trainee Recruitment 2018



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