The 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors: Call for Application .

Application Deadline: February 23, 2014.
Eco-generation would like to announce the call for application for the 12th Eco-generation Regional Ambassador Program.
E-gen Regional Ambassador is an elite position awarded to the children and youth qualified to represent Tunza Eco-generation. E-gen Regional Ambassador Program provides exceptional experiences with the opportunities to actively plan, to execute or participate in various environmental awareness programs in each region.
As the representatives of Tunza Eco-generation, E-gen Regional Ambassadors must embody the spirit and values of Tunza Eco-generation. E-gen Regional Ambassadors must take on various roles to promote and raise environmental awareness for each region they are representing.
The Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors would carry the voice of the universe at international level. Since your friends will gain their first impression of Tunza Eco-generation through E-gen Ambassadors, E-gen Ambassadors are also expected to be knowledgeable on current environmental issues and on information about Tunza Eco-generation platform as well.


  • All Tunza Eco-generation members aged between 13 and 24 who are enthusiastic to spread news about the local environmental issues at the global level.
  • The 12th E-gen Regional Ambassadors shall be in position for the next 6 months from March 2014 to August 2014.



  • Improvement of leadership and essay writing skill
  • Broadening networks between environmental leaders all over the world
  • Non-financial supports such as business cards and Tunza Eco-generation’s Promotional goods including banners, brochures and other school things to support Ambassadors’ environmental campaigns
  • Certificate to verify successful completion of one’s term
  • Reference letters except for the college/university admissions available based on the successful completion of the first 3 months
  • Advantages to get involved in the various off-line events of Tunza Eco-generation
  • Every month 3 ambassador articles which earned the most comments, facebook likes and tweets will be published on Tunza Eco-generation’s Monthly Newsletter as the best article of the month.
  • The Best Ambassador(1 person) who showed the most passionate and active environmental activities will be awarded with a certificate and souvenir(Samsung Gadget) at the end of the term

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For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of Tunza Eco-generation


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