Cameroon Human Rights Fellowship 2016 for Civil Society Organizations – $USD 1,000 Grant.

Application Deadline: 15th July 2016

This fellowship program seeks to provide practitioners, scholars, advocates and students with the opportunity to conduct research and share knowledge in the field of human rights. Fellows will be recruited from Civil Society Organizations to spend 3 – 6 months researching, writing and building capacity to address different human rights issues. The program aims to consistently attract and build activists in the field of human rights. Fellows will eventually connect with others interested in the program with the goal of addressing the challenges in Cameroon.


Candidates will have to demonstrate in their application that they think strategically and have demonstrated the leadership and management skills needed to realize their goals. In addition to this, fellows will have to demonstrate their interest to the promotion of human rights and describe a project on which the fellowship will be a significant focus to the applicant. We seek Fellows who have the creativity required to take full advantage of this unparalleled opportunity; the ability to articulate clear goals for their program; and a vision of how they might use the experience to have a consequential impact to the promotion of Human Rights in Cameroon.

To be eligible, fellowship applicants should between the ages of 17 – 35 with an interest in the promotion of human rights. Interested parties should be willing to commit to the fellowship as follows;

  1. Fellows spend time researching and writing on a specific human rights topic and inquiring in the field of human rights
  2. Through an online platform, fellows will share their experiences, challenges and key recommendations.
  3. Participate in an online moderated course on Human Rights, Peace and Conflict in our African traditional setting.
  4. Be in a position to apply what is learned and/or to share with others at the conclusion of the residency program.


The fellowship will carry out the following activities:

  1. Coordinate research and the teaching of Human Rights in Cameroon. Fellows will conduct research and build capacity for Human Rights educators. They will produce academic research on Human Rights and interrelatedness in Cameroon.
  2. Connect fellows with Human Rights promoters: during the fellowship fellows will have the opportunity to share their work with students, using resources to increase their effectiveness and ability to advocate, practice and influence human rights activities in their communities. Fellowships last for between three to six months and each fellow will work with students who have shown remarkable interest in the promotion and protection of human rights.  The fellowship seeks to:
  3. Provide fellows with an opportunity to acquire new skills, improve their community advocacy and mobilization skills.
  4. Create and share knowledge relating to human rights
  • Enhance the skills and knowledge of fellows in a sustainable way to bring about medium and long-term social change.
  • Strengthen the capacity of human rights clinics by setting up a “Human Rights Hub”.  Through the Hub, fellows and human rights actors will collaborate on research (promoted in working papers and seminars), capacity building and policy dialogues.  This Hub will also provide the opportunity for networking between human rights promoters and activists, local and international organizations that value human rights among other key stakeholders.
  • Seed Funding: during the application process, potential fellows will be asked to submit an action plan as well as a project outline which must encompass community outreach, campaigning, awareness raising and building the capacities of communities and community leaders


  • Selected fellows will each receive $1000 USD towards the implementation of their action plan. Fellows will be required to submit periodic and final reports at the end of their fellowship

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Cameroon Human Rights Fellowship 2016



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