CERN Beamline for Schools (BL4S) International Competition 2020 for High School Students Worldwide (Fully Funded to DESY in Hamburg, Germany)

Application Deadline: March 3rd 2020

Did you ever wonder what it is like to be a scientist? If you’re up for a challenge, the BL4S competition is your chance to experience it. Any high-school student from all around the world can join the adventure. Jump into the world of particle physics and think of a simple and creative experiment.


The competition is open to teams of high-school students from all around the world who, if they win, are invited (with up to two adult team coaches) to DESY to run their experiment.

High-school students from all over the world aged 16 and older on the first day of their visit at the laboratory (usually September or October of the year of the competition) are eligible. Younger students may form part of entering teams, but they cannot be invited in case of winning te competition. Participants must be in high/secondary school when submitting the proposal.

Teams must have at least five students with at least one adult team coach, but there is no upper limit to a team’s size (although just nine students per winning team will be invited to DESY).

Teams may be composed of students from a single school, or a number of schools working together. Take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Your team is totally free with respect to the experiment that you propose as long as it does not rise any safety concerns. The technical feasibility will be an important criterion for the selection of the winners. We know that judging what is feasible and what is not may be difficult for you. Refer to this support document for information.


A chance to win a trip to DESY and conduct a student-led particle physics experiment at a world-leading accelerator centre. Before coming to DESY the winning teams will have the opportunity to work together with DESY and/or CERN scientists on their ideas on how to use the beam line and plan out a particle physics experiment. For shortlisted teams there will be additional prizes.

All participants will receive a certificate. Please note that all prizes on this website are indicative. CERN reserves the right to modify or exchange the prize should it so require. CERN also does not bear any responsibilities for lost prizes during the course of shipping.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CERN Beamline for Schools (BL4S) International Competition 2020


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