Climate Tracker Fellowship for Film Makers to attend 2017 Climate Innovation Forum (Fully Funded to Germany/Latvia)

Application Deadline: midnight June 25th (GMT) 2017

Join Climate Tracker at the World’s leading Climate Innovation Forum

Climate Tracker has been invited to cover some of the world’s leading Climate Solutions conferences later this year, and Climate Tracker are looking for avid film makers based in the EU or MENA regions to join us.

The conferences will take place in July and August, and will feature some of the world’s leading thinkers, pushing the edge of technological solutions to Climate Change.


  • funding to send young film makers from within the EU or the MENA region. Saying that, anyone of any nationality between 18-30 within those regions can apply. If you’re not from the region, but want to apply and are happy to partially cover your flight costs, please contact [email protected] directly.
  • Awesome film maker to join the conferences.
  • To prove that you can be that person, your challenge is to make an awesome 30 second video highlighting a Climate INNOVATION or a Climate INNOVATOR in your country or region.
  • The video style we are looking for is similar to the short catchy videos now made popular by outlets such as AJ+, NowThis, BuzzFeed News. Think short, snappy, and great use of titles!


  • Climate Tracker is offering FULLY FUNDED flights and ACCOMODATION in either Germany or Latvia for selected film makers based in the EU or MENA region, and FULL ACCESS to the conference for the selected participants.

What Should the Video be About?

Climate Tracker ¬†are so sick of seeing sad stories about Climate Change. That’s why we are looking for exciting videos about Climate Solutions, Innovation and Innovators. If you know a great Climate Solution in your region, or a Innovator pushing for change on a local level, we want to see it. Your video only has to be 30 seconds long, so make sure it’s exciting.

Submission Requirements:

  • It’s easy to join the competition. Simply click on the Get Started button below.
  • Then you have to upload your video directly to the Climate Tracker Group. Then fill in the Google form in this app with your information, and a URL link to your video submission on the Facebook page. You will see the Google form after clicking on Get Started.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Climate Tracker Fellowship for Film Makers



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