2015 European Development Days Future Leaders Programme in Brussels,Belgium (All Expenses Paid, Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: 18th of March 2015

When: 3rd & 4 June, 2015
Where: Brussels, Belgium

Do you want to participate in Europe’s largest forum on development? Do you want to have a say in the debates that shape development policy? Apply Now for the Future Leaders Programme to be selected to come to European Development Days 2015 in Brussels!

Are you playing an active role in the fight against poverty? Have you been involved in innovative projects to address global challenges in your community? Do you want to share your vision of the future with global leaders?

If yes, then you should apply for the Future Leaders Programme and win an invitation to the 2015 edition of European Development Days (EDD15), to speak about issues you are passionate about, alongside world leaders!

• Applicants must be between 21 and 26.
• Applications are open to young adults from all around the world, without restriction of nationality.
• Applications must be submitted in one of the following official European Commission languages:
English / French / Spanish / German / Portuguese. The candidate must be able to speak clearly and comprehensively in one of these languages. Passive translation will be provided if necessary during EDD15
for those languages.
• Applicants must be able to travel to and participate in EDD15 in Brussels


  • The 12 finalists will be invited to speak alongside key political leaders at EDD15 in Brussels on 3 & 4 June, all expenses paid.
  • The finalists will be ‘movers and shakers’ in their communities who are able to speak at a high-level about a topic they are passionate about, outlined in the EDD programme.
  • During your visit to Brussels, you will have the opportunity to visit the European Institutions and participate in debates with leading thinkers about development policy, as well as share your story.
The topics of EDD15 include:
  • Halting Climate Change And Building Resilience
    (Keywords: climate change, disaster risk reduction, adaptation, risk prevention,disaster detection, urban/property development, capacity building, resilience to food crises)
  • Sustainable Energy For Growth
    (Keywords: innovation, renewable energy, smart grids, infrastructure, wind, solar, recycling, sustainable energy for all, sustainable consumption of energy)
  • An Urban World: Challenges And Opportunities
    ( Keywords: urban planning, energy efficiency, demographic challenge, ageing population, youth unemployment, public transportation, rural to urban migration, poor habitat, local dimension of development, civil society, affordable/ available housing, challenge in feeding the cities)
  • Gender Rights
    (Keywords: women’s empowerment, men 4 women, gender equality, Beijing+20, LGBT rights, female genital mutilation,gender pay gap pay, equal representation, women in leadership positions, violence against women)
  • Right to Health
    (Keywords: Ebola, strengthening public health institutions and medical care coverage for all, horizontal vs. vertical funds,right to live saving drugs, basic health care coverage, maternal health, health prevention)
  • Inclusion and Inequality
    (Keywords: access to social services, horizontal inequality, marginalisation, capital allocation, inequalities of income and wealth, inclusive globalisation)
  • Feeding the Planet Together
    (Keywords: global food security, hunger, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, right to food, fisheries, land management, property rights, retail, policy coherence for development
  • Fair Globalisation
    (Keywords: trade, global finance regulation, debt, global governance, access to financing, WTO trade facilitation agreement, policy coherence for development)
  • Migration
    (Keywords: making migration work for development, right of asylum, refugees
    & asylum seekers, war & security, global peace agenda, human trafficking, policy coherence for development)
  • Growth And Poverty Eradication
    (Keywords: CSR, rule of law, secure investments, infrastructure, accountability of companies, tax avoidance, financial transaction tax, transparency, G7 agenda, whistle-blowers, industry watchdogs)
  • Decent Jobs
    (Keywords: responsible supply chains, garment initiative, social& economic rights,social protection, social dimension of globalisation, job security, flexi-security, decent wage, child labour, modern forms of slavery,workplace safety, unemployment security)
  • Global Citizenship
    (Keywords: sustainable & conscious consumption, carbon footprint, sustainable tourism, voice and empowerment,civil society action consumers)


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the European Development Days Future Leaders Programme 2015 in Brussels,Belgium



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