FATE Foundation Aspiring Entrepreneurs Digital Programme 2020/2021 for young Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline: 7th February, 2021

In last 2 years, the Facebook sponsored “Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Digital Programme” organized by FATE Foundation held across several Nigerian cities.

Following the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic across the world and with attendant limitations on movements and in-person interactions, we have redesigned this programme to provide support to startup founders across Nigeria who need as much support as they can get to sustain their innovative business ideas, generate revenue and create jobs.  The programme and curriculum will focus strongly on business model pivot, digital strategy enablement and financial literacy particularly cashflow management. We believe that this knowledge and skills are essential for times like this and will enable the selected entrepreneurs build their resiliency and competitive advantage during and after this crisis period

Facebook will be providing the grant support to cover all tuition and programme needs for the selected entrepreneurs this year thereby making it FREE.

  • To qualify, entrepreneurs must be graduates with startups that have already launched, be computer literate, aged 25-40 years and have access to a digitally enabled device. 
  • Each applicant will also be required to upload relevant documents as indicated with detailed information about them and their business as the case might be.

Structure and Curriculum

With the existence of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses have come perilously close to quitting while many others have abandoned their original ideas and/or had to pivot drastically. The AEP Digital (Virtual Edition) curriculum has been designed to provide insight to aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to see diverse market potentials, understand how to create a structured business model and learn and use digital strategy to grow their businesses. The curriculum is themed “Building a Digitally Enabled StartUp in the COVID-19 Pandemic” and will also enable the entrepreneurs implement strategies that will ensure online visibility using different digital tools and strategies.

These sessions will be facilitated by various industry leaders and professionals across the entrepreneurship ecosystem using a pedagogy approach to build networks amongst the entrepreneurs and encourage group/team work for better learning. The robust learning structure is a combination of virtual interactive class sessions, workshops, case studies,  entrepreneurship book reviews, plenary sessions, masterclasses and group activities.

Key Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Business Model Strategies & Pivot
  • Digital Marketing Strategies & Enablement
  • Financial Literacy and Cashflow Management
  • Financing Strategies
  • Access to Free Digital Tools and Platforms
  • Data Support to Enable participation in the Programme
  • Facebook Ad Credits for Winners of In Programme and Pitch Competitions
  • Access to FATE Foundation’s Business Advisory and Support Services

The virtual learning sessions per programme stream will run for a period of six (6) weeks.


Edo:                           September 7, 2020 – October 16, 2020

Ogun:                        September 7, 2020 – October 16, 2020

Abia:                          October 19, 2020 – November 27, 2020

Enugu:                      October 19, – November 27, 2020

Lagos II:                   March 1, 2021- April 9, 2021

Kano:                         January 18, 2021 – February 26, 2021

Plateau:                     January 18, 2021 – February 26, 2021

Oyo:                           March 1, 2021-April 9, 2021

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the FATE Foundation Aspiring Entrepreneurs Digital Programme 2020/2021



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