Future Females Business School HealthTech Programme 2021 for Kenyan female HealthTech entrepreneurs.

The Future Females Business School, in partnership with UK-Kenya Tech Hub, is a leading programme that offers funded spots to Kenyan female entrepreneurs building HealthTech businesses that improve the health sector and provide access to quality and affordable healthcare.

The UK-Kenya Tech Hub forms part of the International Tech Hub network delivered by DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport), under a UK government initiative designed to promote digital inclusion and inclusive growth of the digital ecosystems in partner countries. Alongside Kenya, there are hubs in Nigeria, South Africa, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

The International Tech Hubs are expert teams which work to stimulate local digital economies, build high-end digital skills, and forge innovation partnerships between local tech sectors and international businesses. Through the Hubs’ activities, entrepreneurs and founders, acquire the skills, resource and support needed to turbocharge their entrepreneurial journey.

Are you a Kenyan based female entrepreneur looking to develop a thriving HealthTech business?
Are you passionate about technology, improving the health sector and providing access to quality healthcare? Are you looking to build a business that would create a massive social impact and benefit your community?

The 3-month virtual programmme takes the entrepreneur through the steps required to set up a HealthTech startup in Kenya: the standards and regulations around healthcare and HealthTech, the different categories and opportunities in the space, the HealthTech product development cycle, a guide to partnership development as well as business fundamentals in the HealthTech space.


  • The UK-Kenya Tech Hub provides fully funded spots for successful applicants to join the Future Females Business School programme


Qualifying startups include:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical supply chains; Health insurance and financing; Physical clinics; Fitness; Clean eating and lifestyle; Telehealth; Healthcare management; Mobile maternal health and healthcare education; Medical devices; Ecommerce platforms; Non-invasive disease diagnostic device; Disease screening; Solar powered medical equipment; Affordable testing equipment; Micro-health insurance for informal workers; Emergency response system; Digitized clinical records management system; Digitized point of care system; and such other industries. 

Application Requirements

  • Applicants MUST be based in Kenya
  • Applicants MUST be between 18-35 years of age
  • The business MUST be working in the HealthTech sector. Some examples of eligible businesses include medical and pharmaceutical supply chains, health insurance and financing, physical clinics, clean eating and lifestyle, fitness, and telehealth amongst others.
  • Future Females aim to support global health innovation through social entrepreneurship and are looking for solutions that seek to support people who lack quality and affordable healthcare.

    – Applicants must have 4-6 hours minimum to commit to the programme each week

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Future Females Business School HealthTech Programme 2021


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