GHR/OpenIDEO BridgeBuilder Challenge 2017 for Change Agents Worldwide (US$1 Million in Funding)

Application Deadline: April 7th 2017

This US$1 million initiative seeks to support innovative projects that respond to pressing and emergent needs across peace, prosperity and planet. With this program, GHR—in collaboration with OpenIDEO—will seek out and invest in organizations developing solutions for the global good.

There are two stages to BridgeBuilder’s evaluation process. Ideas that meet our basic eligibility criteria will make the Shortlist. To select our winning ideas, we’ll dig a little deeper and consider the quality of the idea, and whether it is a new and desirable approach.

Shortlisted Ideas:

  • Clearly articulates how the solution addresses two or more of the three referenced challenge categories – peace, prosperity, and planet
  • It’s actionable.
  • Targets a specific, pressing and solvable need
  • Idea/approach links to the core competencies of your organization/group (i.e., why/ how your organization is uniquely positioned to build the bridges necessary to others [especially the population it seeks to serve] to demonstrate success.
  • You are a certified non-profit or for-profit organization, and have worked in your sector for at least a year.

Winning Ideas

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the needs of intended beneficiaries and incorporate their input.
  • Take a new approach to a problem, or use an existing approach in a new way.
  • Have improved in response to feedback.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the context of proposed solution.
  • Able to clearly demonstrate the benefit from the amount of funding and design support offered.
  • Proposed projects should not extend beyond a three-year time horizon. Individual awards will not exceed $500,000.


  • Top Ideas will be eligible to receive a share of $1 million in funding from GHR Foundation.
  • Top Ideas will be part of a cohort of top innovative organizations helping to solve pressing issues.
  • Top Ideas will be invited to a kick-off workshop during which they will meet other selected organizations and explore how their ideas connect across the Challenge theme.
  • Ongoing partnership with GHR Foundation and potential connection to other funder networks.
  • PR and exposure.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the GHR/OpenIDEO BridgeBuilder Challenge 2017


  1. Thanks a lot, this site open my mind very far, and now i see everything is possible, because people have a lot of positive idea to something better for their development, but there is no recognition by the government, especially me and my friends we have a very good ideas on agriculture and business but problem come, where we can get capital. but this show me that everything is possible due to the various opotunities offered, i will never let them go, i will try my best to apply and write.


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