Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 Bangladesh

Application Deadline: 10th October 2015
When: November 20 – 22nd 2015


Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 Bangladesh is an event of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is going to be the world’s biggest platform for entrepreneurs this year. Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 Bangladesh (GYES) aims to focus and support the innovative ideas of the youth Entrepreneurs.

The summit is the first of its kind to be organized in this coastal region. It will not only lead to encourage youth to be change makers, but will also lead to positive socio-economic development. Bangladesh is a land of opportunity, however many don’t get a chance to showcase their ideas due to the lack of opportunities available. GYES aims to bring out the actual gems from all over the country, and provide a platform to the youth entrepreneurs, so that they can show the world their ideas, struggles and achievements.

It will not only be a platform for the collaboration of youth entrepreneurs, but it will also be a light of hope to many, who have it all-the dreams, ideas and determination-but just don’t get a chance to make their dreams into a reality. Together with the summit being a stepping stone to achieve the MDG goals and Vision 2021, it will also help raise awareness against the hurdles that we have to face. The summit will promote leadership and will encourage many youth entrepreneurs to take the next step towards realizing their dream.


  • 500 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS between 18 to 35 years of age around the world are going to join as delegate in the summit.
  • Delegates with top 10 innovative ideas and projects will be REWARDED by DYDF in Entrepreneurship Night.
  • Every delegate will receive a participation CERTIFICATE and all other CONFERENCE KITS.
  • Accommodation from 19th November 12:00pm to 23rd November 12:00pm will be provided only for INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES (Non Bangladeshi) at a renowned hotel in Dhaka covered by DYDF.

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