Global Youth Speak 2016 Online Conference ( 23rd to 25th November 2016)

Application Deadline: Monday  5th September 2016

On behalf of H.E. Ms. Agnes Grada, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Mauritius and Chair of the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the PanAfrican Youth Council, we have the pleasure to invite you in your capacity as a youth representative of your country and Stakeholders accredited to the achievement of the global sustainable development goals, to the Global Youth Speak 2016. The GYS2016 digital conference will be held online from dates 23 rd to 25 th November 2016, with provision for an extension if needed.

The first session under Cluster One will take place on Thursday, 24 th November 2016 and will be coordinated by H.E. Mr. Nixon C. Mwangemi, PanAfrican Youth Council Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Tanzania. It will consider to formulate youth-perspective resolutions for the pressing issues the world faces under the topics:

  •  UN reform options: ‘fit for purpose’
  • Poverty, youth unemployment and the straining global;
  • Youth climate action agenda: review of COP22;

The second session under Cluster two will take place on Friday, 25 th 2016. It will be coordinated by H.E. Mr.Djibril Sorgho, CPR PanAfrican Youth Council Vice Chair, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ghana, to develop youth-perspective resolutions for transmission on the following topics:

  • The politics of UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs);
  • Gender-responsive implementation of sustainable development;
  • Terrorism, conflicts and disaster risk reduction

In support of the meetings, Ms. Camille Lemarron, Protocol Group (London, UK) and Mr. Michael Opondo, International Youth Action Against Terrorism (Nairobi, Kenya) will co-chair the GYS2016 stakeholders’ guidance committee as per the revised, "2014 Clusters of resolutions" appendix, and the revised,

“Compilation of the clusters of resolutions as referenced from 29 March 2015. The Global Youth Speak 2016 presents yet another preeminent suite forum, designed specifically for youth delegates selected from the UN member states to articulate on a range of key issues affecting and influencing the growth aspects of youths in 2016 and beyond.

Joining Instructions:

1.Fill in the delegate application form ( ) to nominate yourself, clearly outlining your profile, achievements and professional strengths on articulation of global or local youth issues relevant to this conference. Successful applicants will be notified within one week after application;

2. Upon successful application and your profile chosen by our selection panel, your next step as a selected delegate is to secure funding to pay the delegate fee of USD 25. You can pay this fee yourself or find sponsorship;

3. You will then receive the Global Youth Speak 2016 conference package and prepare for the pre-conference simulation day on Wednesday 23 rd November 2016 with the main event taking place on 24th and 25th November 2016.

Eligibility criteria

Candidate applying to be GYS2016 delegate must:

  • Come from a UN member state as listed here:
  • Be of age between 18-35 by November 2016;
  • Have a professional reference person (at least one);
  • Have a proven track record of leadership and/or on global youth-related issues;
  • Be willing and able to access the internet at the dates of the conference (23 rd – 25 th November 2016).

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