Google Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) Program 2017 for Computer Science Educators (€15,000)

Application Deadline:March 19th 2017  11:59 PM GMT.

The CS4HS annual awards program supports universities, colleges, and non-profits dedicated to providing exemplary computer science professional development for teachers.

CS4HS is an annual funding program to improve the computer science (CS) educational ecosystem by providing funding for the continuation of CS teacher professional development worldwide

Google Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) funding enables computer science education experts to provide exemplary CS professional development for teachers. The funding focuses on three major growth areas for teacher PD in CS:

  • Facilitating the development and delivery of content that increases teachers’ knowledge of computer science and computational thinking;
  • Allowing providers to customize learning content to meet local needs and the sharing of best practices for engaging all students; and
  • Addressing the building of communities of practice that continue to support teacher learning throughout the school year.

Funding Criteria

You must be affiliated with a research institution, university and/or an educational nonprofit such as a professional development organization, school district or a local office of education.

Funded 2017 CS4HS applications will be measured as follows:

  • Your professional development opportunity must include a plan for a year-round community of practice (COP) work that supports ongoing PD and advocacy for Computer Science.
  • Your professional development opportunity must develop high school teacher’s or student’s understanding of computer science and contain computer science content that will be relevant in the classroom.
  • Your professional development opportunity must be in the form of either a teacher training workshop or teacher and student training workshops, an online course (MOOC) or a teacher resource project.
  • Previous applicants are welcome to apply, if adding a new dimension to former projects or launching a new computer science project.

Award Allocation

  • Institutions may receive support of up to €15,000.
  • Additional funding is available for projects with regional reach and the potential to scale nationally.
  • This can be through MOOCs or collaborating with other organisations.
  • For funded projects, we appreciate receiving news about your project so we can measure the impact of this program.

Best practices for crafting your application

Remember to include these key elements in your PD program:

  • computer science content
  • how educators will improve their confidence and effectiveness in teaching computer science
  • content that meets the local needs of educators with the potential to scale nationally and/or internationally
  • hands-on experience for participants that is interactive and allows them to manipulate the subject themselves
  • how you will develop and/or support an ongoing network of CS educators through a community of practice
  • a clear breakdown of how funding will be used throughout the program
  • resources for educators and other PD providers to use in their local communities

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Google Computer Science for High School (CS4HS)



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