Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship 2017 Call for Host Organizations.

Application Deadline: Tuesday, January 31st 2017 11:59PM PT.

The Open Web Fellows program — a collaboration between the Ford Foundation and Mozilla is an international leadership initiative that brings together the best emerging technology talent and civil society organizations to advance and protect the open internet.

Each year, fellows spend 10 months embedded at leading advocacy organizations to safeguard the open Internet as a global public resource. The program provides an ecosystem for the next generation of open internet advocates to make an early impact while growing into the capable leaders we need as threats to digital freedom proliferate.

Program goals:

  • Produce better technical understanding among civil society and government policy-making bodies.
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of internet policy issues.
  • Provide talented individuals with the opportunities to create a healthier, more open internet.
  • Provide civil society organizations with the capacity and capabilities to expand their work into new horizons.
  • Contribute to building a community of public interest technologists.

Host Organization responsibilities:

  • Collaboration: Host organizations will participate in the selection process of the fellow, and work with Mozilla to provide a learning environment through mentorship, networking, and conferences.
  • Fellowship Projects: Host organizations and their selected fellows will identify projects that build on the fellows’ skills. Host organizations and fellows will ensure that these projects do not entail any lobbying activities.

Mozilla responsibilities:

  • Thought Leadership: Mozilla will provide support and training throughout the fellowship, as the new leaders learn more about Internet policy and advocacy.
  • Program Management: Mozilla will manage the host organization and fellow selection processes, coordinate Mozilla-organized events for fellows, and disburse grant funding.
  • Mentorship: Mozilla staff will collaborate with fellows to transfer vital skills in open source, project management and professional development.

Contact email[email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship 2017


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