Government of Mauritius Undergraduate Africa Scholarships 2018 for Study in Mauritius (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: 2nd May 2018

The Government of Mauritius is awarding scholarships to deserving students who are resident citizens of member states of the African Union or of African Commonwealth countries as per the following criteria:
1. Applicants should be above 18 years of age and should not have reached their 26th
birthday by the closing date of application.
2. Applicants must have applied for a full-time on-campus programme at a public Tertiary Education Institution in Mauritius (listed in Section 8) for academic year starting in 2018.
3. The Scholarship will be for a maximum of four (4) years or the minimum course duration whichever is lesser



  • The Scholarship will support successful candidates in meeting tuition fees and contribute to their living expenses during their studies in Mauritius.
  • Further, the scholarship also covers a return airfare by the most economical route. This will be valid for travel from the country of origin at the beginning of the studies and back to the country of origin upon successful completion of studies.

Application Procedure:

The following documents are available for download from the Ministry’s website (
I. Guidelines for Applicants ➢
Th is document contains important information regarding the conditions attached to the scholarship, the application procedure, and a list of public Tertiary Education Institutions in Mauritius where the applicants must have applied for full-time on-campus studies.
II. Application Form ➢
Application for the scholarship can only be made on the application form,duly filled-in. Section 5
of the application form should be endorsed and completed by the Nominating Agency in the country of citizenship of the applicant.
  • Applications which are not made through the Nominating Agency of the respective countries will not be entertained. An application under this Scheme is to be made solely through the Nominating Agency responsible for the processing of scholarships in the country of citizenship of the applicant. Such a Nominating Agency, which may typically be part of the Ministry of Education in the country of the applicant, will then short list and endorse the applications of a maximum of five (5) nominated candidates and submit the duly completed application forms electronically by 16 April 2018 and in hard copy by 02 May 2018 to the
  • Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research of Mauritius at the address mentioned below for a final selection.
The Senior Chief Executive,
Ministry of Education and Human Resources,
Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
(Attn: Tertiary Education and
Scientific Research Division)
MITD House, Pont Fer, Phoenix 73544.
Republic of Mauritius (Email:[email protected])


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Government of Mauritius Undergraduate Africa Scholarships 2018


  1. I wish to apply for this brilliant Mauritius government initiative to promote African education by given scholarships to above listed students.I am a student of university of education winneba Ghana currently perusing B.ed special education on level 100 status.Though my intention was to persue a political science but unfortunately I was endorsed on the above mentioned course, Here i am anxiously wanted to ask the authorities of the said scholarship if i can enroll as political science student in the said scholarship thanks for your coperation.
    Sincerely yours Jenora Kwaning

  2. hello there
    i want to apply but how is it done and i need more clarification on the nominating candidate am from zambia

  3. Thank you so much for the information.
    Am from Kenya and I have two siblings who completed school yet to join campus but at the moment we are going through financial crisis due to my father’s sickness. We really need these scholarship for them to purse their career in nursing and engineering. Kindly assist us.

    • Hello dear, sorry to hear about that.
      kindly note that the Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Scheme is for undergraduate studies at any public Higher Education Institutions in Mauritius. Please visit the Ministry of Education website for more information All the conditions of the scholarship are indicated in the Guidelines for Applicants.

    • Hello Dear, please visit the website of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, tertiary Education and Scientific Research for more information or send us an email at [email protected]

  4. It,s briliants starts by Maritus Gvernment . I really appreciates the idea, because the idea will sharpen the minds of African young star who may be lucky enough to get the chance . I am interested to have apply but with the said procedures hamper my willingness

    • Hello angela, Kindly note that the deadline to submit your application for the 2018 edition is 16 April 2018. Please stay tuned for the 2019 edition.

  5. J’aimerais étudier en Mauritanie. Je suis Beninoise et je veux une bourse de Master pour étudier en Mauritanie. Comment faire? Quelle est la procédure à suivre et le formulaire?

  6. A good cooperation with member states of the African Union and commonwealth will definitely make this opportunity a great support to Africa Europe migration and the true integration of Africa. We wouldn’t mind engaging again this year in the program promotion across the continent through our network :

  7. Greetings am Hussein kosombe from Malawi Africa am having much passionate to study faculty of pharamcy in Mauritius and i dont know what best steps that i can take for me to be successful admitted at MAURITUS UNIVERSITY and am having a humbly request from the authority of this schoolarship to guide accordingly thanks with great regards.

  8. The process waters down my willingness because the government officials down here will not lift a finger talk more of sending mine and others applications to you, and when they evern do, the scholarship must have been closed for that year and this I am sure. I think you should revisit the criteria. People should be able to submit their applications themselves instead of going through their government officials. Our international passports, birth certificates and other documents should server as a perfect record keeping of people your government have helped from different countries through the scholarship.

    • I totally agree with this. While going through the requirements, I noticed my interest gradually dropped. It’ll be of great help if the criteria is actually revisited.

  9. Hi
    I want to apply for scholarship to study in Mauritius in 2020
    For both my brother & I
    Please help me with how to apply
    I really need the scholarship
    I/ Faatimah, want to study occupational therapy or medical science
    My brother wants to study apecialised medical
    Neurosurgeon or other specialised medical

  10. Hello,I am glad to come across this fantastic page,well 2018 Scholarship in Mauritius has gone, but I am looking forward for this year Scholarship, pls I need this Scholarship, pls I wanna know all the requirements in details. Thanks!

  11. under graduet class i have a diploma in animal science so i hope in related field to learn please help me.


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