Grants for water projects in Africa (€50,000 – €5,000,000)

Application Deadline:

The African Water Facility (AWF) awards grants of between €50,000 and €5,000,000 to water projects that need financial and technical help for implementation, or to meet the strict criteria expected by development partners and the global investment community.

The AWF’s strategic focus is in supporting Project Preparation, Water Governance and Water Knowledge projects designed to catalyse the development of the African water sector. Occasionally, the AWF also provides grants to fund the implementation of small-scale pilot projects.

Recipient eligibility

To be eligible to receive AWF grants or technical assistance, recipients must be regional member countries of the African Development Bank (ADB), political subdivisions or agencies working within these countries, or regional agencies or institutions concerned with water resource development in Africa.

Government and regional institutions

Typically, governments and regional organisations applying for grants will include:

  • Central or local African governments and municipalities
  • Regional, sub-regional and sectoral organisations such as Regional Economic Organisations (REOs), River Basin Organisations (RBOs), etc.

For More on Eligibility Criteria

Application Process:

Step 1

Check the eligibility of your application. The AWF has strict terms of reference and recipient and project eligibility criteria that must be met before any project can secure a grant.

Step 2

Once you have an indication that your project is suitable, complete the Application Form and submit it to the AWF :

Submit Grant Application

For Moe Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of Africa Water Facility





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