Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (ICCS) Biodiversity Fellows Programme 2019 at University of Oxford (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: Midnight (GMT) September 30th 2018

One of the aims of the ICCS group is to improve engagement between researchers, conservation practitioners in the international and local NGO sectors, and businesses developing and implementing corporate biodiversity strategies, in order that scientific research is informed by, and meaningful for, real-world conservation issues.

There is a widely recognised problem of a mismatch between academic research and conservation practice, which we are keen to bridge. Conservation NGOs and businesses contain many highly skilled individuals who have substantial experience in implementing conservation on the ground, and often have collected excellent datasets which could contribute to the academic evidence base on policy effectiveness. However, often they do not have the time, technical skills or academic environment within which to write these datasets up for publication. To address this issue, ICCS offers a unique initiative in its Biodiversity Fellows Programme.

The programme offers NGO, governmental, or business employees working on biodiversity conservation the chance to spend up to three months with the ICCS group at the University of Oxford, writing papers, developing ideas or writing grant proposals. The Fellow will be encouraged to take part in a range of valuable interactions with students (undergraduate and post-graduate) and potential donors. For example, through offering reading groups relating to their subject area, evening talks or individual guidance to students wishing to learn more about how to approach the real-world issues of biodiversity conservation worldwide. The Fellows will be encouraged to host or take part in ICCS workshops and technical events.

ICCS will cover reasonable expenses related to travel, accommodation and training events for the duration of the programme.


  • ICCS particularly welcome applications from developing country nationals.
  • Biodiversity Fellowships are for people working outside of academia who feel that they would benefit from spending time working within the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science at Oxford university. If you are a senior member of staff, who would benefit from the opportunities offered by stepping away from your NGO, government, or business environment and commitments for a short period of time, to develop new strategic approaches, write up their ideas, or build partnerships, then this scheme may be right for you.
  • Alternatively, if you are at a relatively early stage in your career, and would benefit from the academic possibilities offered by the University of Oxford and the ICCS group you are also particularly welcome to apply. Particularly if you would benefit from learning new skills, analysing and writing up your datasets, and building an international network.


Deadline for applications: Midnight (GMT) September 30th 2018
Skype interviews early October. The successful applicant will be notified by late October.

Fellowship period : January – March 2019
Location : Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ICCS Biodiversity Fellows Programme 2019


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