International center for journalist Empowering the Truth Global Summit for Journalists & Students.


Application Deadline: March 30, 2023

Registrations are now open for journalists, fact-checkers and students across six regions of the world to stop what they are doing every Thursday in March to focus on a big and pressing challenge: How to present and share factual content so that it takes off, undercutting fast-spreading disinformation.

The Empowering the Truth Global Summit offers a series of weekly training sessions tailored for participants in Central and West Africa, Central Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, North America and South and Southeast Asia. Participants will learn skills to help them amplify the reach of reliable facts – and be eligible for funding to pursue groundbreaking multimedia projects that make facts go viral.

Expert trainers with regional knowledge will lead 1.5-hour classes for participants in Arabic, English, French, Hungarian or Spanish, depending on the region. Each region will also have classes tailored to the region on the following topics: audio/podcasts, video, content design, strategic communications and audience engagement. Participants may register for any session regardless of the region they are based.

All sessions will be online, except from Central Europe, where the event is going to happen in-person, in Budapest. The trainings are being organized by ICFJ’s Pamela Howard Forum on Global Crisis Reporting (Americas, Middle East and Africa), the Center for Independent Journalism (Central Europe) and BoomLive (South/Southeast Asia).

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the International center for journalist Empowering the Truth Global Summit


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