Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellowship Scheme 2020/2022 for young professionals (£21,000/Year Salary plus accommodation allowance )

Application Deadline: December 11th, 2019,

The ODI Fellowship Scheme is now open for applications.

The Scheme places young and highly motivated ODI Fellows as economists and statisticians in public sector posts in developing country governments on two-year contracts. ODI Fellows are employed as local civil servants reporting to local managers. Fellows work in a range of institutions from finance and planning ministries to ministries of health and education, as well as central banks, statistics offices, and regulatory bodies. Fellows receive a total package equivalent to GBP21,000 a year (increasing to GBP23,000 in the second year) plus a housing allowance.

The ODI Fellowship Scheme is highly competitive and extremely prestigious. ODI Fellows have gone on to make successful careers in the World Bank, the IMF, the UK’s DFID and a wide range of public and private sector organisations.


GBP 21,000 (GBP 23,000 in the second year) plus accommodation allowance


We are looking for candidates with excellent academic qualifications, a sound grasp of applying economic and statistical theory to real world problems, an ability to communicate economic and statistical ideas to non-specialists, and a willingness to integrate into what are often very different cultural and bureaucratic environments.
A master’s degree or PhD in economics, statistics or a related discipline is required. Applicants will need to have completed their postgraduate degree by the time postings commence.
Applicants can apply for any of the streams described below provided they are suitably qualified.
Applicants may be generalists or have specialised areas of expertise.
The Scheme is open to candidates of all nationalities.

In addition to general economists and statisticians, this year we are looking for health economists or economists interested in health for Fellowships sponsored by the UK’s Fleming Fund. These Fellowships aim to help key partner countries initiate work on Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR).

This year we are also looking for economists and money market experts who have particular experience or interest in financial sector development for Fellowships sponsored by Frontclear. These Fellows will be based in key institutions in emerging markets and developing countries including central banks and regulatory agencies and in particular in departments that have impact on or bear responsibility for the development of money and interbank markets. We encourage applicants who already have a degree of professional experience.

This year we are also looking for economists to work on the issue of financial inclusion in particular target countries. These Fellows will be based in central banks or ministries of finance and work on financial sector regulation, data issues relevant to financial inclusion and policy to promote financial inclusion.

This year we are recruiting for education economists, statisticians or those in a related discipline with experience and interest in the use of technology for education.

Application Procedure

Please note that the application process will close on December 11th, 2019, and applications must be submitted by 23:59 (GMT) to be considered. Please ensure that you complete your application form within seven days of registering. If you are experiencing problems with your application, please contact the Fellowship Scheme office on [email protected]

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ODI Fellowship Scheme 2020/2022



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