Orange Corners DRC Incubation Program 2022 for young Congolese Entrepreneurs.


Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands which aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in DR Congo. The Orange Corners DRC program is a 6-month incubation program that involves the development of entrepreneurial projects/start-ups but also the capacity building of project leaders and founders of start-ups. The program is deployed by Ingenious City.


You must meet the following conditions to apply for Orange Corners RDC:

  • Entrepreneurs between 18 and 35 years old with an innovative business concept established in the DRC
  • Graduates from schools or training institutions
  • Business project at the ideation stage or business in operation for 1 year
  • Project / Company contributing to the SDGs
  • Project / Company in the following sectors:
    • Food / Agri-business
    • Education
    • Renewable Energies
    • Recycling / Sustainable Economy
    • Health
  • Dedicated to your project full time


  • Friendly and equipped space:
    Incubates will have access to a friendly and equipped workspace but also to services such as printing and internet access.
  • Training session:
    Practical workshops where the incubates will acquire various skills and answers to different questions about the management of their business.
  • Master Class:
    During the Master Class, essential topics concerning startups will be addressed. Experts will share their best practices and experiences to transfer knowledge to participants. A strong emphasis will be placed on concrete ideas that entrepreneurs can immediately apply to their businesses.
  • Mentoring :
    The Ingenious City team will offer advice and support to incubates during a weekly meeting to help them develop their project and stay focused on their goals.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Orange Corners DRC Incubation Program 2022


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