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Application Deadline: September 2nd 2014

Storytelling for Change is a 6 module course that will help you better connect with your audience, whether in a meeting with one person or in a presentation to hundreds of people. The course is 7 weeks long as one of the modules requires two weeks to complete.

Acumen and The Ariel Group have created a hands-on course to help you develop your practical skills as a storyteller. Whether you work in an office, making presentations in the boardroom, as a teacher with 30 to 300 students, interacting with customers, or one-on-one with individuals, using the elements of story bring you closer to your audience.


What You’ll Learn

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be confident in using stories, especially personal stories, as a part of your communication toolkit.
  • Know how to tell stories and use a specific set of storytelling skills so that you connect with the hearts and minds of your audience.
  • Have developed, rehearsed, and received feedback on one personal story as a replicable model so that you can build a personal ‘library’ or ‘back pocket’ of stories that can be used in different situations.
  • Be able to use a 5-step process to integrate story into presentations for change, work or many other situations.

You’ll Love This Course If

  • You make lots of presentations, or you want to get better at them.
  • You are a teacher, facilitator or instructor.
  • You think you don’t have any stories (we’ll bring them out of you!).
  • You want a new way of connecting with people (great for networking!).
  • You’re interviewing for jobs and want a strong way of presenting yourself.
  • You want to change your communication style.
  • You just want to have fun!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Acumen Storytelling for Change Course


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