Register Now: The Acumen Leadership Essential Course.


Acumen Fund is offering a new Acumen Leadership Essentials Course that anyone can participate in. The course is free but you must register as a group (min: 2 people; max: 6) and commit to learning together for six weeks.

The content in this course was developed based on 7+ years of experience training Acumen Fund’s Global and Regional Fellows. It also shares some lessons Acumen Fund has learned after 10+ years of investing in companies that change the way the world tackles poverty.

Acumen Leadership Model  is about the moral imagination and entrepreneurial skills needed to create sustainable and scalable social innovations.

The Six-weeks beginner level course is brief compared to Acumen Fund’s year-long Fellows programs, so you will get just a taste of Acumen Fund’s leadership training.

There are no in-person teachers or facilitators for this course. You will work through the course with a group of classmates we call your “lab group”.

Course content will consist of readings, online videos and discussions/activities. Each week, you will receive an email with the materials for the upcoming lab.

The world needs you to lead.  This is your invitation.  REGISTER HERE for the Acumen Leadership Essential Course

The next course starts on 9 February 2013

Visit the Acumen Leadership Essential Training registration site for more details on the course content and how it will be taught.

The Acumen Leadership Essential Course.


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