The Norbert Zongo prize for journalism of investigation

The Norbert Zongo Prize for Investigative Journalism .

Application Deadline: November 15 2013

The Norbert Zongo investigative journalism Prize is an award of excellence established by the National Press Centre Norbert Zongo in memory of the famous journalist and editor of the weekly newspaper « The Independent” , murdered December 13, 1998 on the road to Sapouy , Burkina Faso . The award aims to promote the practice of investigative journalism, research, investigation, on political, economic, social and cultural relevant topics.

Price Norbert Zongo was opened in 2011 to all professional journalists in Africa regularly employed in the Medias or collaborating with Medias in Africa.


It aims at promoting the journalism of investigation, research, on relevant political, economic, social and cultural issues. It consists in :
- reinforcing the importance of the role of the journalist.
- recognizing the talents of journalists.
- promoting a journalism of investigation, checking information on relevant political, economic, social and cultural issues.
- Rewarding courage, determination and the respect of deontological principles of journalism.


  • The Prize is opened to all the journalists of Africa aged at least 18.
  • The candidates must be regularly employed in a news agency or regularly collaborating  with African Medias.
  • Works of high professional quality are required and must be published in the press of  africa between May 3 of the last edition, and May 3 of the next edition.
  • The candidature for the Norbert Zongo Prize is proposed by the candidate himself or by  the media where the candidate is employed
  • Candidates can propose only one work per category (Newspaper, radio and television).
  • Works should be in English or French. Works in any other language should be translated in English or French.

The works must have been published or broadcast between May 3, 2011 and May 3, 2013.

Three categories : newspaper, radio and television were selected to reflect their specificity.
• Newspaper : send the original and a photocopy of the article submitted.
• Television : send two copies VHS or DVD to the topic subject.
• Radio : send two audio cassettes or 2 CDs of subject matter.

Note : Only works in French or English are accepted, as it is applied to all candidate of another language please translate his work into English or French.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 15 November 2013 .


  • The Norbert Zongo Prize for the journalism of investigation is ONE MILLION CFA (1.000 000 F) per category.
  • Each prize is supplied with a trophy and a certificate
  • The first prize for each category, called the “SEBGO” is ONE MILLION CFA (1.000 000 F), plus a certificate and a trophy.
  • A candidate cannot be a prize winner for two consecutive years. The jury can grant special rewards.
  • The prize delivery will occur as an official ceremony during the International Festival of  the freedom of the press.


Two copies of the works must be sent to the jury, at the

Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo, 04 BP 8524 0uagadougou 04 / Secteur 08 – Gounghin  Petit Paris, Rue: 8-29, Real N° 203, door : 058
Tel.: (226) 50 34 37 45 – (226) 50 34 41 89 Fax: (226) 50 34 37 45
Email: [email protected]
Web site:


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