Romanian Government Scholarships 2017/2018 for Foreign Citizens to study in Romania (Fully Funded)


Application Deadline: 20 March 2017,

Romanian Government Scholarships for Foreign Citizens to study in Romania  Scholarships offered by the Romanian State to foreign citizens through the MFA.

Who can qualify:

citizens of non EU countries.

Foreign citizens of Romanian origin and those belonging to the neighboring historic Romanian communities benefit from other scholarship programs offered by the Romanian state. The candidate should not have a Romanian citizenship.

The scholarships are granted for three levels of study:

a) for the first cycle (licenta): This scheme is dedicated to graduates of high schools or of equivalent pre-university studies, as well as to candidates who require the continuation of their studies in Romania. The complete cycle of university studies lasts for 3 to 6 years, according to the specific requirements of the chosen faculty, and ends with a final examination (licenta);

b) for the 2nd cycle (master): This scheme is dedicated to graduates of university/post-graduate studies; it lasts for 1,5 to 2 years and ends with a dissertation;

c) for the 3rd cycle (doctorate) this scheme is dedicated to the graduates of university/postgraduate studies (i.e. master); it lasts for 3-4 years, in keeping with the specific requirements of the chosen faculty, and ends with a doctor’s thesis. Admission to a PhD course is conditioned by an entrance examination.

Fields of study: political and administrative sciences, education studies, Romanian culture and civilization, journalism, technical studies, oil and gas, agricultural studies, veterinary medicine, architecture, visual arts.

Application files must be submitted through diplomatic missions. Application files submitted by post or directly to the MFA or to the MNESR, as well as application files received after the announced deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Number of scholarships:

  • 85 scholarships for under- and post-graduate studies in Romania, by means of selection of application files, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research (hereafter, MNESR), in keeping with Romanian current legislation.

The scholarship consists of the following:

  • Free-of-charge tuition;
  • Free-of-charge accommodation (depending on availability, accommodation will be offered free-of-charge in students halls of residence, in keeping with the higher education regulations and within the limits of the sums available for this purpose);
  • Financial support – a monthly amount representing;
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of 65 EURO per month, for undergraduate students (1st cycle);
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of 75 EURO per month, for post-graduate students (master degrees and specialisation);
  • The equivalent in Romanian currency of 85 EURO per month, for a postgraduate student (doctorate) 3rd cycle;
  • These scholarships do not cover food, international and local transport. The candidates must be prepared to support any other additional expenses personally.

List of documents necessary for the application file

  •  Cover letter issued by the diplomatic mission of the country of origin, accredited to Bucharest or of the Romanian Embassy in the respective country.
  • A duly filled in MFA application form (Annex 1) for a scholarship to study in Romania.
  • MNESR application form (Annex 2) for the issue of the Letter of Acceptance to study in Romania.
  • Authorized copies of the study documents (baccalaureate and university diplomas if necessary,) and their authorized translation in Romanian, French or English if necessary
  • Authorized copies and authorized translation of the diploma supplement – academic transcript for the studies completed so far.
  • Authorized copy and authorized translation of birth certificate.
  • Copy of passport (first 3 pages)
  • Medical certificate attesting that the applicant is not affected by any transmissible disease or by other illnesses incompatible with future studies.
  • The candidate’s CV.

Announcement of results

The selection results will be announced by 30 June 2017, to each diplomatic mission that submitted application files.


  • The enrolment calendar starts with December 20, 2016. The candidate should enquire at the diplomatic mission where he intends to submit the application file about the enrolment calendar. The deadline for submitting the application files is established by each diplomatic mission.
  • Foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Bucharest must send the application files with a Verbal Note to Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Public, Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy Directorate by 20 March 2017, at the latest.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Romanian Government Scholarships 2017/2018


  1. Comment: It Is A Privilege And Honour To Meet Sure An Inviting, And Trustworthy Opportunity From The Country Romania. Am Honoured And Humbly Wish To Study Amongst U Bringing Forth The Best In Me. I Will Be Exhilarated To Realise This Wish Of Mine. Thank You.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am from Burundi and currently living in Iran as a student. I will be grateful if you could kindly help me to know whether I can apply through the Romania embassy in Iran? I hope and pray my request meet your kind consideration.

  3. It is a privilege and honor to meet sure an inviting, and trustworthy opportunity from the country Romania. I will be grateful if you could kindly help me to know whether I can apply. I live in Liberia

  4. I am glad i was giving the opportunity to apply for your highly esteemed scholarship in a place like Romanian i feel highly honoured and believe i will make it through all the selection stages.

  5. In Romania I want to get my master degree in projet managment. Would you give the chance free scholar ship please?

  6. Comment:my name is Manaye Alemayehu live in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and also I am a first year universities student that meance a post graduate student if I get this chance I can study any department because I have enaf kneology to learn I an interesting to study in your campus if any info about this pleace contact by my email address. [email protected] phone number +251929508911

  7. I want to pursue my study (PHD) in project management if I am given a chance from Romanian Government scholarship.


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