Seed Funding Grant For Africa Europe Youth Cooperation 2013

Seed Funding Grant For Africa Europe Youth Cooperation 2013 (2000 € Grant per project/organisation)

Deadline for Submission: March 4 2013

Seed Funding for Africa Europe Youth Cooperation is a grant allocation intended to promote Africa Europe youth exchanges, networking and political participation of non state actors.

It aims at funding initiatives which provides the possibility for youth leaders, youth workers, experts and trainers to participate in Euro African Youth activities and youth exchanges projects. The grants are of a maximum 2000 € per project/organisation.

The aim of the North-South Centre’s Youth Programme is to raise European awareness of issues of global interdependence and solidarity and to promote cooperation and exchanges between Europe, the Southern Mediterranean and Africa.

More specifically, the objective is to provide training and capacity building for young people and youth organisations as well as to facilitate active participation of youth in development policy-making, reinforcing the role of youth as a dynamic force in the field of North-South interdependence.


The seed funding aims to strengthen the role of youth organisations as civil society actors and youth leaders’ ability to organise and take action as well as strengthen young people’s political participation in Euro-African cooperation.

Eligibility Criteria for applicant organisations and projects

  •  The application should be submitted by a youth organisation, network or nonstate actor at local, national, (sub)regional or international level that is active in promoting Africa Europe youth cooperation;
  •  Applicant organisation must have a bank account open in the name of the organisation, since payments will be made through bank transfers only;
  •  Priority is given to projects presented by organisations coming from Africa and/or from the African Diaspora Living in Europe, and organisations/networks that submit projects which will allocate the grant support for African youth participants in the project and/or participation of African Diaspora in the project;
  •  The participants in the project benefiting from the grant should be under 35 years of age;
  •  Innovative projects with an experimental approach are encouraged to apply; Projects that respond to the thematic priorities Youth Unemployment and
  • MDGs-Beyond 2015, identified as working priorities for 2013-2014 in the framework of the Africa-Europe Youth Platform, are highly encouraged in this call.

Eligibility of expenses
The following costs are eligible for the grant:

  •  International travel
  • Local transport
  • Board and lodging
  • Visa expenses
  • Fees for experts (i.e. trainers, facilitators, speakers, etc)The organisation which receives a seed funding grant will be notified at the latest 4 weeks after submission of project description and will thereafter sign an Administrative Arrangement with the North-South Centre for the execution of the financial support. After the implementation of the project (end of eligible period) the beneficiary must submit a narrative (of the results and main outcomes of the project) and financial report of the project to the NSC.

Deadlines for submission of application

  • The projects eligible for seed funding must be implemented during the period 15 April –15 October 2013, with no possibility for postponement.

  • The deadline for submission of applications is 4 March 2013. Please note that the
  • Administrative Arrangements will have to be signed in April 2013.

Please use the attached ApplicationForm-SeedFunding2013 for the submission of  the seed funding grant for Africa-Europe youth cooperation project.

You may also attach supporting documentation
to your application. The application is sent to e-mail address: [email protected] or fax no: +351 213 584072

Selection of the projects

The Secretariat of the North-South Centre will decide on the allocation of the grants.
If you have any further questions regarding the grant, please contact the Secretariat of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe.

Programme Manager for Youth Co-operation and Euro-African Dialogue
[email protected]

Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]

For More Information: Check the Seed Funding Grant Guideline


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