The 2013 Academic Council on the United Nations System Dissertation Award.

Academic Council on the United Nations System Dissertation Awards.

The ACUNS Dissertation Award recognizes students of extraordinary potential who are writing graduate-level dissertations on topics related to the United Nations system, including areas central to the organizations work such as social justice and development, economic and social issues, human rights, women’s rights, humanitarianism, international peace and security, international criminal law, the environment, and the international financial architecture.

Eligible candidates may be citizens of any country and must be at the dissertation-writing stage of a Ph.D., J.S.D. or LL.M. level and engaged in the writing stage of their program.

The Award is in the amount of $1,500 US. The winner is encouraged to attend and to present her/his research at the 2013 ACUNS Annual Meeting, and will receive an additional $500 reimbursement of costs after she/he does so.The winner will be notified by February 15, 2013. Due to the large volume of applicants, the Secretariat will contact only the Award winner.  Details of the winning research project will be posted on the ACUNS website after February 15 2013, and if in attendance the winner will be introduced at the ACUNS Annual Meeting at Lund University, Sweden, June 17 – 19, 2013.

The winner is encouraged to submit some written product to the academic journal, *Global Governance*, though use of any materials remains at the discretion of the journal editorial team.

*Applications must be received in full by Thursday, January 31, 2013.

*An on-line application form can be found at and must include all of the following:

– Dissertation proposal, a representative dissertation chapter, or a description of the research of no more than 25 pages in length; – Curriculum vitae; and

– Two letters of recommendation from the applicant’s doctoral advisor or a faculty member who knows his/her work. Recommendation letters can be uploaded online at:

You will be notified by the online system when each recommendation letter is uploaded by your reference. Please note that incomplete applications not be considered.






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