2013 Go Green in the City Challenge- Paris,France.

Go Green in the City Challenge

Go Green in the City is an international case challenge in which business and engineering students develop ideas for intelligent energy management. We encourage talented students from around the globe to enter the competition for a chance to win career-advancement opportunities and a trip around the world.

The top 100 teams will advance in the competition with a mentor from Schneider Electric – an opportunity to network and improve their ideas.

We will fly the top 25 teams (50 students) to Paris to compete in the Go Green in the City final. Each of the 50 finalists will also get an interview for our internship program and – if a finalist really has what it takes to be a Schneider Electric employee – even a job offer!

The two winners will win a trip around the world and job offers at Schneider Electric!

Create your idea for intelligent energy management in the city! We seek talented students who are excited to compete with talented individuals from all over the world. CLICK HERE to read more on how to apply.

The Go Green in the Challenge

Teams consist of two members studying either engineering or business. Each member has studies at least one year at university, also MBA and Masters are eligible to apply. Each team must have at least one female member as Schneider Electric seeks to better represent the perspectives of women in the energy management industry. English competency is required.

Team members must be studying in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Turkey, or the USA.* Teammates must be studying in the same country, although they do not have to study at the same university, be of the same nationality, or have the same concentration of studies. Each contestant can only participate in one team and each team can only present one idea.

The Go Green in the City Timeline

Step 1: Application – Pair up with a teammate to apply. Show us a creative presentation of your idea for intelligent energy solutions in the city. Click here to read more.

Step 2: Participation – The 100 best teams will work with a mentor from Schneider Electric to create a business case for their idea – a great opportunity to network and gain an insight into one of the leading energy management companies. Click here to read more.

Step 3: The Final – The 25 best teams will be invited to the City of Lights, Paris, in June 2013 to present their ideas in front of a VIP panel of judges. All finalists will get internship interviews and great exposure to job opportunities. The winners will travel the world, stopping at Schneider Electric offices on the way, and receive job offers from the company.


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