The 2013 Kinship Conservation Fellowship.

Kinship Conservation Fellows

Kinship Conservation Fellows offers a month-long, in-residence training to equip midcareer conservation practitioners with the tools they need to implement their ideas and achieve positive impact.

Using market-based conservation case studies and specialized leadership training, Fellows move beyond theory to arrive at real-world solutions.
As a Fellow, you’ll join a dynamic community of thought leaders working to create lasting change. With a focus on peer learning, problem solving, and innovation, Kinship’s intensive training program will help you to advance your conservation goals.

Kinship Fellows Program Overview
• Training in the implementation of market-based tools
• Core instruction in leadership, communication, and business and finance principles
• Inclusion in a global Fellows community
• Month-long in-residence program
• $6,000 stipend award with lodging provided

Fellows Requirements
• Mid-career conservation professional familiar with market-based mechanisms
• 5+ years experience
• Demonstrated leader, innovative thinker, mission-driven achiever

Learn to implement groundbreaking approaches.

The road to effective implementation requires a strong understanding of complex realities; Kinship’s training takes Fellows beyond familiar scientific and technical topics. With a curriculum focused on leadership skills, business and management practices, finance principles, and communication techniques, Kinship gives Fellows the tools they need to tackle the challenges ahead.

Kinship relies on a structured, peer-based approach to learning. Using specially chosen case studies, Kinship’s methodology quickly moves Fellows past theoretical concepts to examine and learn from actual,
on-the-ground projects.
Fellows are carefully selected from diverse regions and specialties to participate in Kinship’s intensive residential learning experience. A month spent in this unique environment allows for Fellows’ ideas to cross pollinate
and for the possibility for truly innovative solutions to emerge.

Join a global community of leaders.

Kinship’s value extends far beyond its month-long training. With 174 Fellows in 46 countries on six continents, the Kinship community is a vital resource for Fellows. Kinship’s growing network of regional chapters and affinity groups connects Fellows with similar professional interests and provides new opportunities for collaboration.
Kinship makes it easy for Fellows to continue learning and sharing their expertise. A webinar series, blog articles, and guest faculty roles keep the community’s thought leadership alive.

Take the road to transforming your ideas into impact. Apply today.

Application Deadline: January 26, 2013

2013 Program Dates: June 29 – July 26, 2013

Location Bellingham, Washington

Apply Now for the 2013 Kinship Conservation Fellowship Program

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