The African Women Development Fund for Women Empowerment Organizations ($25,000 in Grants)

The AWDF Main Grants Programme is pan-African and supports local, national, sub-regional and regional organisations in Africa working towards women’s empowerment. AWDF will give grants for projects related to any of our thematic areas, applicants are expected to build in reasonable core costs into their project proposals.

·    Women’s Human Rights
·    Political Participation
·    Peace Building
·    Health, Reproductive Rights
·    Economic Empowerment.
The African Women Development Fund will give grants of $1,000- $25,000 for projects related to any of the above thematic areas.

Grants of  can be given to support the capacity and institutional strengthening of organisations including grants for strategic planning, governance systems and fundraising/communication strategies.

Grant Application Guidelines
In order to consider your request, AWDF need basic and specific information about your organisation, its composition, and its purposes. AWDF need to know how your organisation believes its work can be supported with a grant of $1,000- $25,000 from the African Women’s Development Fund. Please write your project proposal using the following guidelines:
Contact Information
1. Name of organisation
2. Address (Physical & Postal)
3. Telephone and Fax number
4. E-mail address, and website address (if any)
5. Contact person’s name and title  6.
6. Who completed this proposal? Please sign and date.
7. Contact details of two (2) referees
8. How did you learn about the African Women’s Development Fund?
1. Organisational  Information
What is your organisation’s purpose?
·    What are your organisation’s main goals?
·    When was your organisation formed?
·    Who started your organisation and why?
·    Is your organisation local, national, sub-regional or regional?
·    In which region(s) does your organisation work?
·    Who are the main beneficiaries of your organisation’s activities?
·    How to assess the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities  of your organisation.
 2. Structure
·    How does your organisation make decisions? Does your organisation have a staff, a board, advisors, or volunteers? How many of each and what roles do they play?  How many are women? What are their positions?
·    How many people participate in your organisation? Do you have members? If so, how many? How many are women? What are their positions?
·    Is your organisation a women’s organization? If not, please explain the role women play in making decisions about your organisation’s activities.
3. Activities and/or Programmes
·    What would you describe as the key areas of work for your organisation, i.e. women’s human rights issues, economic empowerment, etc.
·    What key challenges does your organisation face in this area of work?
·    Describe your organisation’s past activities and/or programs.
·    Describe your organisation’s present activities and/or programs.
·    What are your organisation’s plans for the future?
·    How does this project you are applying for fit into those plans?
4. Financial Situation
·    Please include your budget for your current financial year
·     What sources of funds does your organisation have for the next twelve months? (Please list sources and amounts.)
·    Enclose a set of audited accounts for your last financial year. If these are not available, a financial statement signed by your Treasurer and one other officer or member. The audited accounts/financial statement should include sources of funds for your activities and details of income and expenditure.
5. Grant Request Information
·    How much money are you applying for?
·    What purpose are you seeking a grant from the AWDF? Please tell us specifically how this grant will be used, and include a monitoring plan. Please list the specific outputs from this project
·    Provide a detailed budget for the project. If you have prepared the budget using your local currency, please include the US dollar or Pounds Sterling equivalent.
·    How will this grant enable your organisation to achieve its strategic objectives?
6. Please include the following information:
·    A copy of your most recent annual report and financial statement.
·     Brochures/leaflets describing the work you do. Relevant photographs, press clippings, posters, videos (if available).
Please note that these will not be retuned to you, so you should only send information which you are willing to part with. Whilst we will accept applications by email and fax, we still expect a hard copy by post. We receive a lot of applications, so we will prioritise those proposals which arrive completed with all the information we have asked for.  All applications should be sent to:
African Women’s Development Fund
Plot Number 78,
Ambassadorial Enclave,
East Legon – Ghana
Mailing Address
PMB CT 89 Cantonments,
Accra, Ghana.
Tel:            +233 21 521257/+233 21 923626/+233 21 28 722006
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]
Web site:


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