The Bridge Program 2016 for Nigerian University Students (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: June 30th 2016

The Bridge Program (TBP) is reimagining current education to career models and unlocking potential by providing selected Nigerian university students with the winning career and leadership playbook.

TBP enable its fellows by connecting them to the network, skills and resources that will allow them to be globally competitive, business-minded, solution driven, critical-thinkers and most importantly employable. TBP put great emphasis on global peer collaboration, mentoring, networking, career support and internships as the ingredients for success in their leadership, entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial journeys.

The Program

  • An average TBP fellow will spend 2-4 years in the program.
  • The program includes a 4-week intensive summer camp every year.
  • This year the camp will be from July 18 to August 13 in 2016, and we are inviting you to apply.
  • If you are in your first or second year of university, based in Nigeria and have a keen interest in TBP’s values, vision and mission, then the program is for you.


  • The program is fully sponsored for all successful applicant.


STEP 1: Download/ view the application form here to see what details will be needed from you to process a successful application.

STEP 2: Decide what mode of submission will work best for you. Below are your options.

  • Manual Method: Download and complete the application, attach your essays and all required documents and send to us via email at [email protected]
  • Electronic Online and Mobile Methods: Complete the application online or by using your smart phone. Make sure you include essays and all requested documents.

– Make sure you are able to complete the application in one sitting as there is no option to save and come back.

– Note that it may be easier for you to write your essays before you start your application so you can just copy and paste into the required section on the application.

– Most people will also find it easier to complete this application online via their personal computers than via mobile equipment.

– When using a smart phone, be sure necessary documents are uploaded on your mobile device and you will be able to upload them with ease. The form has an uploading facility to assist with this.



Please make sure the following documents are sent to us via your preferred method of application. Remember to include your name and ID number on all documents submitted. You can submit item #5 at a later stage but before your scheduled interview.


1. Application form

2. Academic Records

a. Verification from your current university/Secondary School on your status

b. Copy of two recent academic transcripts (1st and 2nd term SS3 or Year 11) including mock results

3. National Exams Records

a. A certified copy of senior certificate or diploma/degree or other exams mentioned in the application form.

4. Letter of explanation for any disciplinary actions that have been brought against you in an educational institution.

5. 2 Letters of Recommendation from your current institution preferably 1 from the principal/ Head Teacher/Dean and class teacher.

6. Essay Questions

7. Certified Copy Identification Documents – Passport, ID or Birth Certificate

Apply Now for the The Bridge Program 2016 for Nigerian University Students 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the The Bridge Program 2016 for Nigerian University Students 


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