The Caplow Children’s Prize ( $1 Million Dollars Prize for Saving Children’s Live)


The Caplow Children’s Prize is a novel humanitarian contest to save children’s lives. A $1 million prize will be awarded to the best plan for  preserving the lives of children who would otherwise die before the age of five. All prize finalists will be showcased on Caplow’s website.

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THE PROBLEM:        19,000 children under five die every day.
THE CONTEST:         Seeks to find the best way $1 million might help.
WHO CAN APPLY:    Any person or organization worldwide that:
1) works with or for children
2) could save more children’s lives with more funding
3) could save those lives within two years
4) has a great but realistic plan
HOW TO APPLY:      It’s easy! Fill out a short online form by May 1st: Apply Now


The project is structured as an open web-based contest, with eligibility extending to everyone, both individuals and organizations, across the world. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the number of potential lives saved, the probability of success, and the ease of verification. The winner will receive funding to directly execute the life-saving interventions outlined in their submitted proposal.

an 14, 2013 – Online entry opens
May 1, 2013 – Online entry form closes
June 2013 – Prize Plans due (invitation only)
August 2013 – Finalists announced
December 2013 – Award Ceremony

Apply Now for Caplow Children Prize 2013


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